Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sushi Groove: State-of-The-Art Sushi

There's only a number of sushi places that comes on top of my mind when I crave for it. Sushi Groove is definitely one of them. Pioneered by a strong concept, great food, and a remarkable team behind Ismaya, they have grown far since started. What I'm starting to admire from them is the continuous passion to embrace change and welcomes creativity.

This foodtasting panel is one of them. Ten people from broad range of background were gathered to taste firsthand their twelve new sushi menu. Instead of laying each out in details and run the risk of boring you, I'd simply mention the top three that gave a good impression on me. Also, this way, you'll still have your surprise factor on the other nine. I wouldn't take that from you. =)

1. Pirate's Roll 
It is rare to find spicy sushi. And by spicy I mean the kind of hot that ticklishly burn your tongue. You can see from the picture above. It's basically crispy soft shell crab inside on the roll. On top of it is this well marinated chunk of smoke beef, and the cherry on top is the tiny slice of chili rawit. This is 70% Japanese, 28% Western, and 2% Indonesian. You know which is the 2% don't you? ;)

2. Mango Megumi Roll
I'm sorry pictures aren't available for this one. At the time, the competition was getting intense and I had to fight for this roll, didn't get the chance to capture it properly. Anyway, this is one shocking sushi. You'll know the second the fresh tropical taste of mango meets your taste bud. It's all uphill from there. On the side note though, I reckon this would be better enjoyed together. Having four roll of these alone is kinda too much. I guess. But still. One good innovation.

3. Angry Bird Roll
Picture also unavailable. =P I just left it to make you curious. Its another spicy options. You know how I love spicy food. Its like catered personally for me. =) I enjoyed the fresh layer of lettuce, the crisp chicken karaage, and the mozarella cheese on top is just a feast.

All these new stuff are just a new kind of fusion. Tongue-wise, I'd say this fit our native Indonesia tastebud who prefer a little drama of flavor. Sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy, crispy, creamy, all in one. On the other hand though, I kinda feel they strand far from the original sushi experience. If you are looking for old-school sushi with a certain expectation of rawness, clean-cut sushi, where a dip of soy, and a lick of wasabi makes it complete, then these are not for you. On the good side, they add variety and oh really, on a personal level I love 'em.

I see you Biters on the next foodtasting panel. Hopefully ISMAYA would be glad to arrange another one. =P It was one happy day, and coming home with a happy belly surely widens my happy grin. ^______^

Smile on, Shine on
Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. gw ga suka sushi groove suka ga fresh, mending kiyadon, sushi tei..
    di keyaki jg enak sushinya

  2. "At the time, the competition was getting intense and I had to fight for this roll, didn't get the chance to capture it properly."
    I'm curious.. is it a food tasting panel or food eating competition? hahaha.. anyway, I'm hungry just by looking at your pictures..

  3. not into sushi groove :p
    ga pernah suka2 amat.

    But still, lucky-nya yang diundang :D

  4. @FERDIAN: Agree in a way. Makanya ada disclaimer gua di paragraf akhir". Coba dibaca sekali lagi, mungkin ketemu. =p

    @NIYAOKE: Sukanya sushi apa ni ni (semoga tidak ambigu) ? =p klo fresh and old-school sushi g sukanya Kiyadon hehe.

    @CHUBBY CHICK: it was sort of ... both. you know what happens when foodbloggers are gathered together. =p

  5. paling banter juga hachi-hachi at sushi tei sih, hehe...

    kiyadon pernah ada masalah sama pelayanan, dikasi buku menu harga lama, pas ditagih bingung deh kok lebi mahal...cuma dibilang..oiya harganya uda berubah, tapi blm smua buku diganti...errr...

    about the ambigu thing, gpp, lebih aneh kalo rub rub (errr...)


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