Saturday, May 21, 2011

Collaboration - Living Etc Magz & Chef Shinta Sugiarto

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to you Wanderbiters anywhere you are in your city. Its a happy jolly day to share this blogpost with you. I had a chance to work with with one of my favorite interior magazine, LivingEtc to shoot for their EntertainingEtc section. Its a special section dedicated for chefs / resto to share their delicacies and recipes.

It was a great foodphoto session at the home of the chef, Shinta Sugiarto, who started the culinary challenge in Malaysia, and now managing her own home-crafted patisserie at Cake Away and also sharing her special dishes on private occasions. Alrighty, I won't bore you no longer, let these pictures say how grateful I am for the opportunity. I hope these pages makes you drool as much as it made me. My personal favorite is the Oreo Cheese Choux and Peanut Butter Roll. They are wonderfully scrumptious!

I thank you Biters who supported me along the way and special thanks to Andrea Sharon who also helped styling the food.


Fellexandro Ruby 
Food Blogger / Photographer
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  1. Loving the final result! looking good ya! Proud of you and Shinta! She makes beautiful food... =)

  2. Wow, i read LivingEtc, and i read that edition. But i didnt know it was you hahaha. Awesome work!

  3. Awww.. anda keren sekaliiihhh.... and nice pictures :)

  4. @ANAKJAJAN: Thankies! Salam to Mr. Jajan and Mrs. Jajan =D

    @AMADEA: That's good news for me. That means the photos blend in very well w/ the magazine. Thank you =)

  5. Such a neat work!Good job! :) and oreo cheese choux sounds super yummy..

  6. @Fooshionista: They are scrumptiously yummy! Esp. for the sweet tounged. =)


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