Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's Fish (Again)

There's this thought about winning.

Picture one thing that you've been wanting and been fighting for quite a while. Slowly but sure your hard work started to show result and suddenly the universe conspire to favor you. You have it now. For the very first time your dream visualize into reality. Right in the graps of your hand. The sense of accomplishment wraps you. You smile.

And things started to change. Now that you have it, you're purposeless. You were once in a continuous pursuit. But no longer now. Sadly, life's becoming less interesting.

And so to make your world running again. You begin to want more. Bigger. Better. Shinier. Sounds wrong. But you're back alive now that you have something to fight for again.

For in the end, its not the having, its the making-it-happen that makes you tick.

I don't know about you, but in my opinion wanting more is human. Having bigger vision, bigger dream is natural as your capacity grow. Quoting John Mayer, its like catching a fish, and then purposefully throw the fish back again. That's what he wants to do with his music, continually finding himself again and again with something new.

I guess that's what I want to do with my life as well. To challenge myself, develop, and challenge myself again.

Some of you might came across this blog from my food post. However, you'll be finding this kind of post every once in a while. You can find them on my old twentyten post as well. I like to share playlist too. Here's what currently on repeat.

Freelance Whales - Generator ^1st Floor
S.Carey - In The Stream
Snow Patrol - Run (Live)
Kaki King - 2 O'Clock
Freelance Whales - Kilojoules

I'm a little on the acoustic side tonight. I hope you too. Also, you might want to just download Freelance Whales complete album "Weathervanes". Almost all of the tracks are awesome.

Smile on, Shine on
Fellexandro Ruby

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