Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now Cooking - Nuzzys Resto

"Nuzzy's is a casual concept dining. Serving Europian cuisine from Napoli, French, and Spain. " 

That's how they introduced themselves in their website homepage here. Yup, right to the typo. =p Funny thing is, when I asked the waitress what are their Spanish cuisines, she didn't know which is which and simply answered "We have mostly Italian". And that is true if you looked at their menu, maybe a handful of Spanish menu and that's it. They even have one page dedicated for Asian menu. HA! They should write that down in their website homepage.

I was a bit upset feeling a bit misled into coming to their foodplace. But I reckon, might as well give it a try. And so I ordered the following.

Gratin Escargot as appetizer.  

"Snails sauteed in wine garlic and gratin smooth hollandaise served on puff pastry".

Yep, they're as tempting as the menu description. I like how the buttery hollandaise sauce & the tomato burst out a differing taste with the snails. On a side note, it would be so much nice if the puff pastry was actually 'puffy'. Oh well, they're not a patisserie, what do you expect. 

Moving on, and here I must acknowledge the importance of speed. Restaurateur, waiter / waitress, you all should know that  when people ordered an appetizer and a main and a dessert, he expects to be pampered. He wants a joyful enough amount of minutes to savor each menu. And he wants each menu to come in time. Meaning, warmly flavorfull right off the oven. Meaning, you don't pour out all orders at once!

So the Smoked Beef Green Fettucinni came when I was halfway through my appetizer. I hate rushing one meal to quickly go to the next one before it goes cold. Good thing I had a nice ice cold Strawberry Lychee ice tea to cool down my nerves (a little too bland though). There you go, another input for you to learn, dear Nuzzys.

 The pasta was cooked just right for my taste bud. Not too rigid and not too mushy. Plus point.

The fact that is green also make it interesting. I reckon it has a mix of healthy veggies in it, thus the color (the reason). It gives a good show of color on my plate and I like it (the actual reason, green is my fav color), especially when the generous amount of red beef bacon and the brownish mushroom rolls on plate. Also, DO YOU SEE THE CHEESE TOPPING?! Love it when food is as scrumptious on the eye as it is on the tongue. I would recommend this, spice it up with some dried chili and voila!

Priced at 35k on the Escargot, 45k on the Pasta, and 19.5k on the drink, this is not your particular everyday lunch, especially when they topped another 7.5% service charge above the 10% tax. The problem is not on the amount, in fact I gave extra tip on this visit. The problem is one, whether what you charged is up to par to your service, and second, I think tipping for service is up to one's personal choice and on-the-spot experience. And this goes for all foodplace. A little something for you to consider.

Cheers to an awesome weekend,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Blogger & Photographer

Nuzzys Mousse & Resto
Tribeca, Central Park Mall & Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera
Phone: 021-83838201
Twitter: @nuzzysresto


  1. eh, new fonts! =D anw, the photos in this post are in my love list! oh, lovin the textures!

  2. I am one of those weird people who love soggy pastry :D

  3. @ANDREA: Thanks Dear =D

    @MOCHACHOLOLATA-RITA: Its a matter of preference. I can understand. BUT WHY? =p

  4. gambarnya yummy :9
    I read ur tweets about the no picture policy, tapi akirnya berhasil jg tuh difoto, hidup food bloggers!

  5. wah resto prancis.. pengen coba hauhauaenak ga rub.. tp liat porsinya haduhh

  6. @NIYAOKE: Yep, akhirnya dikasi foto setelah "sedikit" menggertak akan mengembalikan semua makanan dan tidak akan membayar =p YAY TO FLOGGERS!

    @FERDIAN: Enaknya tergantung cuy. Pastanya lumayan sama ikannya. Yg lain", jgan deh.

  7. Niceeeey rubs !!! jadi lapar...
    memang salah besar buka jam segini.....
    hahahahahaha :D

  8. looks great on that picture, gonna have to try some of those foods this weekend. Thanks for the review mate!

  9. @CATHRINE: i've warned you =p
    @RAY SHEARER: thanks for stopping by, picture can be deceiving, gotta read the review in detail =p

  10. well, we'll see how's my "lidah kampung" handle the taste of those foods... hahaha!

    anyway, have you tried Olive's House in Summarecon Mall Serpong? They got delicious Pesto Spaghetti! :)

  11. @RAY: kadang justru 'lidah kampung' yg membuat rasa sebuah masakan asing jadi spesial. i haven't heard about Olive's House before, but surely will check em out. I trust your recommendation Sire!


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