Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now Cooking - Ten Ten, Tasty Tempting Tempura

Holla Biters, how's your day? I've been having a series of fortunate events. It's almost as if the universe are conspiring for my favor. Its' a little exaggeration, but its close to what I feel lately. Opportunities keep coming by to do what I love, offer after offer, and to spice it all up, invitations to food tastings. =)

This one's alike. Thanks to Goorme for arranging such an intimate dinner at Ten Ten grand opening in Plaza Indonesia.

What I enjoy most from tasting is the convenience of meeting fellow bloggers. There were Jenz, Imel, Daniel, Umay, Lolo, Sara and Tommy at this particular event. It was quite a night, we had heaps of fun and ended up naming this little group of ours as Romantis (Rombongan Makan Gratis). =p

In case you're curious what we had while laughing along random conversations, here they are in one roll.

Ten Ten Hot Dog and Fried Sweet Potato as appetizers.

I remember noting down the taste in my memory as I munch on these two. The hot dog, although it appears revolutionary by the name of it, it does not adds new experience or flavor. The sweet potato however was well prepared, leaving a crispy outer texture that counter the sweet gooey interior. I like this one.

Ebi Tendon that comes with three different dressing for your liking: plain, spicy, and blackpepper. I went for spicy and blackpepper. It was again a fortunate decision. The blackpepper dressing was one of a kind. I'd choose this anytime over the other two. I also recommend this especially for those who prefer strong flavor on their meals. Go for it. 

Lemon Cheese Mouse and Ogura Kakigori. These two were the highlight of the night. I love how it was layered with soft creamy cheese and then follows with sour crumbles on the bottom. The mix of the two was a feast on the tongue.

As for you who prefers cold dessert, the kakigori or shaved ice might just fit your taste buds. It did well for me. In a way it reminded me of snow ice but a level softer.

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner. Having a handful of lovely company surely adds the flavor on each meal. I would surely come back to this place for their dessert. As for their main course, in my humble opinion, I didn't find it satisfactory other than to fill a variety gap. Maybe because I personally not a big fan of tempura. For me tempura is just another word for any-kind-of-deep-fried-stuff. And surely wouldn't pay over 40k for two pieces of fried shrimp and fried leaves on top of a bowl of rice. Other than that, I kinda prefer having tempura with the additional sauce for dipping which I didn't find here.You're welcome to disagree with me though.

Let me know what you think ;)


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