Sunday, February 12, 2012

Durian Cupcakes - Think Global Act Local!

A few weeks ago, I was summoned to do a photoshoot for Livingetc Magazine.  The assignment was to
manufacture a dish incorporating Indonesian taste or ingredients in a modern context. It was a beautiful group work, all nine chefs bring out their specialties into the table. You can find their recipes and details in Livingetc February issue. Among them, one strike my attention for its sweet indulgence.

Durian cupcakes.

I've never been a fan of durian eaten plainly from the fruit, but I welcome it presented in other form. I love durian ice cream found on streets of Bandung, or that Es Cendol Durian from Sate Khas Senayan. Durian cupcakes has just made its way into this shortlist and into my heart.

Gillian, the lady behind Chantilly Cupcakes started out from plain passion toward cooking and a set of Kitchen Aid. Yes, it was that expensive piece of kitchen gadget that pushed her to do something productive out of it. And in this time and age, we know where we turn to for answer. "Google and Youtube is my teacher", as she mentioned on our convo. After a few trial and error, she finally manage to secure a winning recipe.

When it come out from the oven, a strong scents of Durian was all over the place. One bite and I'm hooked. A sweet buttery taste tingled all over my taste buds. In fact, the cream cheese didn't overpower the Durian, and vice versa. Texturewise, you can definitely feel the fresh Durian meat in the topping mixing well with the cream cheese. "A great intersection of sweet and salty. A treat for the sweet tounged. " I noted on my phone.

As I write about it, I started to drool myself. I better stop now before the cravings idealized into me grabbing the phone and ordering one. But I suggest you do, if you haven't tried it. And when you do, ask for the special hidden menu, Cendol Cupcakes. =)

So long, Sweet Tongues!

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Chantilly Cupcake


  1. love your blog ! btw, if u r a durian lover, u may try this durian cake

    the taste is good and yet mouth-watering.

  2. wow, so mouth-watering! i really love durian dishes :) i'm gonna try this one someday.

    anyway, i like your posting :)

  3. wow durian cupcakes.. sounds so indonesian but seem very interesting. I'll try this soon :)


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