Friday, May 25, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #6 - Fresh Eyes

I have a reason to believe that constraints precede creativity. It is in difficult situation that people work their way around, over, or under it and somehow manage to survive to the other side. To victory. In the words of a preacher, it is in that condition we began to see and make the most of whatever it is in our hands. Or put it simply, in our Indonesian translation: the power of kepepet.

Those who started out in life plenty might having more difficulty understanding this. But experiencing this first hand from a history who started out with less, I've gone through of having almost zero in my bank account but survived alive. Of living abroad working two shifts a day to pay for tomorrow's breakfast. Of having to dine with Indomie and wedges three times a day. What and who I am today is a living proof of someone who see limitation from resilience point of view. Who could reflect back, use what I have in my hand to squeeze the creative juice out of myself.

In respect of that, I decided to put restraints on my Instagram photos. It will have two game changing 'No'.

No color. Meaning black and white.
No default size. Meaning rectangular 16:9 ratio instead of the regular square 1:1 ratio.

Here's how the photos turned out. You could also see it live on Instagram at @Captainruby. I'll try to keep this for as long as possible. Train myself to see with fresh eyes even when there's boundaries.

"No I'm not colorblind. I know the world is black and white" - John Mayer


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