Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coffeebeerian : A Clash Of Flavor

Four buddies, Hendra Gunawan, Nova Dien, Michel Hamilton, and Laki Gushari are passionate divers, who happens to enjoy a good proportion of coffee and beer in their travels. An idea struck them one day in a conversation to gather resources and assemble a place of their own. After months of consistent pursuit, Coffeebeerian was born  in the vicinity of Panglima Polim (South Jakarta).

Combining two of their most favorite drinks, came out their specialties: Black Pony and Coby Brown.

The earlier is a mix of espresso, mint, and stout. A rather strong version. While the latter is a mix of coffee, lemon, and draught. Much more pleasing for first timer. I myself find it hard getting used to it. It's gonna take quite a while, but for the time being, I'll still enjoy either coffee or beer separately. Coffee aficionado will probably enjoy the thrill as Tony Wahid already wrote praises in his blog recently. 

What you'll find here: 

1. A good selection of beer (Anker Draught, Stout, San Miguel, IPA, Indian Pale Ale, Carlsberg) and home brewed coffee from different parts of Indonesia. 

2. Great atmosphere. As a place revamped from a massage parlor, it has gone through a lot of changes to get to the right mood. The warm, industrialist atmosphere is well crafted with unfinished walls, used items and a lot of wood characters. I can imagine sinking myself into one of the cozy corners, having a good read, or catching up on my work. Bliss. 

What you wouldn't find here is full-course menu. Yes, get your belly prepared before coming because the most you'll get are finger foods (sausage, french fries, and nuggets in a can) or desserts (cakes). 

That being said, I have no more to reveal, other than giving you a chance to experience it yourself. And when you do, poke me on Twitter @Wanderbites and let me know what you think. 

Pardon on the black and white pictures, I'm being experimental =), oh let me know what you think on that matter as well. 

Save water, drink beer!


Fellexandro Ruby
Food Photographer & Conversationalist

Poke me on Twitter @Wanderbites or Instagram @Captainruby =D
Jalan Panglima Polim IX No. 8
Jakarta Selatan


  1. Either bw or color one, your pics always look expensive. Personal like!

  2. Thanks heaps Ivy. Good expensive or ... ?

  3. Is this post based on the gathering? Too bad I missed it, coffee mixed with beer sounds fascinating.

  4. @DINO: Yess! This was it. Yuk kapan mau berkunjung lagi, mari kita bersama ke sana. Gua masih pengen cobain minuman lain. hehe

  5. Iyaaaa, sayang gw gak bisa dateng hehehe. Yuks, I'm curious about the place too.

  6. iya gw juga batal kesana kemaren euy, keren Rub foto BWnya! disana emang lightingnya kurang banget yah buat foto, hehe

    1. Thank mi! Ini sebenernya kreatif kepepet, karena selain gelap, cahanyanya juga mix light, jadi berantakan banget color balancenya. Glad you liked it.

  7. awwwwwww nice experiment indeed Rubs! all works well!

  8. I love the photos! B&W photos are always something =)
    Gonna try it tonight!

    1. Let me know if you've posted. Can wait to see ;)


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