Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Suikiaw - Mangga Besar

Having nowhere to go on Sunday, I figure I should get away from malls and fancy restaurants once in a while. I decided to venture out Super Suikiaw after hearing a lot of happy-praises from too many friends. Also credits to Selby Food Corner for successfully drools me into coming here.

At the first sight, the signage was a clear hunch that I was about to enter a strangeland. But I did not expect that until I set foot inside and started to see faces that looks like my second cousin from another great-grandfather that sailed right away from Mainland China. I'm exaggerating of course, but I need to so that you can visually see and hear the Mandarin / Hokkian that was being conversed fluently by one patrons to another.

The red lampion hanging from one end to the other end of the hall adds a strong Chinese flavor to the room. Not too mention the Buddhist praying table hidden at one corner.

This is a good sign though. I sense originality.

And without further adieu, there came our boiled & fried Suikiaw. I must admit, the fried one is a notch better that the boiled. I suppose when it's fried, the flavor of the fillings (shrimp, pork & garlic chives) was better released. Even without the addition of dipping sauce (vinegar, soy sauce & garlic) it tasted super! But for those of you who prefers a hint of spicyhotness, dip it in!

Suikiaw Rp. 40.000 / Portion (12 Pieces)

Fried Suikiaw - Rp. 40.000 / Portion (12 Pieces)

Siao Lung Pao / Xiao Long Bao - Rp. 28.000,- / Portion (6 Pieces)

Believing that we would not be satisfied with one portion of Suikiaw, we had an extra portion of Siau Lung Pao that turned out to be a disappointment. Pork fillings were not seasoned enough, soup was rather mild, and the worst of all the super-thick skin. The ideal kind of Siau Lung Pao in my mind was the one that you have to carefully pinch with your chopstick to avoid being torn because of the super-thin-slick skin. But that dream was shattered. Good thing it wasn't that pricey.

Putting all the pieces together, I suppose by now you know what to order and what to expect right?

For me, it was a wonderful afternoon. Trying out new food always put me in a good mood despite of the taste, and most importantly for the joy of having a great company, who shared a liberal view on things, food, and happens to be an awesome stylist / hand model as well. Haha.

Anyways, by the end of this experience, I felt so Chinese that I think I'd stay away from anything remotely related for a while. I'm afraid if I keep coming back and eating this, I'd turn more and more into Stephen Chow as I've been warned a lot for the past few years. Or maybe not. ;)


Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. I feel the same sentiment like you about the xiao long bao here ;)

  2. Iya emang enak ini mah! Agak mahal sih untuk makanan pinggiran, tapi perut puas ya. hahaha. cobain ja jiang miennya juga rubs. Porsinya banyak. Mienya dipakein timun gitu. Seger kriukkriuk. :D

  3. i think it's not bad although the place can be cleaner. the steamed suikiaw is better than the fried ones (guo tie) have u tried guo tie krekot?

    1. Haven't tried kuotie krekot. Do let me know the exact location doc. Will hunt 'em down =D

    2. I went there last September. The Kuotie didn't impressed me at all, so different than 10 years ago. You can check my post:

  4. Be careful when you order life fish menu. In the menu price stated Rp 25.000/100gr. On the bill you will be charged 38.000/100gr. They said that their fish is the tiger garoupa kind, for customer, they feel cheated.

    Beside the cheating habit, the food is nice.

    1. There's a live fish menu? I didn't pay attention to that at all since its title is Super Suikiaw. Haha. But anyway thank you for the info, we surely don't want that to happen.

    2. Hey, this is the owner speaking. How dare you say we are cheats??? I better not see you eat at my restaurant or else I will definitely spit in your food.


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