Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Super Steak : This is it!

What's the first thing they ask you after you decide on your cut of meat? That's right, the sauce. And almost every time, you'll stumble upon the usual three: blackpepper, mushroom, and barbeque. Guess what? You will not find any of them here.

Super Steak begs to differ on their choice of flavor. You'll have these instead: Beerloin, Butter Garlic, Honey Hot, Lemon Herbs, Asian Delight, Cajun Delight & Honey Herbs. 

What are they? Let's rewind to two hours before our first encounter with the 'it' steak.

Me and Jie didn't know what to have for dinner. As a host, I try my best not to screw my friends' experience while he is in Jakarta. After a quick brainstorming session, we were in between. Super Steak or Super Suikiaw. I guess its only natural that super men eat super food. =p Well, both has come with commending praises from people, but failing to choose the right one might end the night in disaster.

Good thing, we sailed our ship to Jalan Dempo I No. 76 where the small secluded house receive a wide variety of patrons. Judging from the wall of fame, you can see expats has come over, celebrities (that includes me & Jie =p) and people from all walks of life. Almost everyone enjoyed their visit here. I can understand why, and the reason is twofold.

Lemon Herbs Part II - Sirloin - 200 Gram (115K)
Beerloin - Sirlon 200 Gram (115k)

1. It all comes down to the food

I had one of my most memorable moment among my many carnivorous adventures. The Lemon Herbs Part II was a treat. As a foodie who likes it hot, it is a rare occasion that I don't request chili sauce when I have my meat. But as it turned out, I didn't have to. The flavor was all there. The 200 grams of meat was well seasoned and marinated. Cooked just at the right 'medium', resulting in one appetizing fleshly pleasure.

Same thing with Jie's Beerloin, beer marinated to add tenderness to the meat with an extra kick of unique flavor. Subtle but it makes the difference.

On a side note, I also find the french fries quite lovely. It's like a cross-pollination between straight cut french fries and wedges. You still have the potato skin and the size is just a notch thinner than usual wedges. With the sprinkles of salt and greens, it was one bowl of fries.

2. And the experience

Tell you what, when you dine here, it won't be just a meal. In my case it transformed into an enticing conversation with Om Mashud, the father of the owner (Windu). Being a photographer and a reporter himself, he welcomed both me and Jie taking photos of the steak. I even stood on the chair to get the birds eye view shot. Such a cool dad. Seventy and still kicking it like seventeen.

Homey Super Steak. 

With all these in mind, part of me can't help to share it and the other part wants to keep it in secrecy. It's one of those less known place that offer good food. I'd like them to stay original. I would hate it if it became a national franchise one day at the risk of becoming generic. But I suppose, that's not for me to decide. You Biters, deserve to know and to taste it.

Let me know when you do. Twitpic me the photo @Wanderbites.

So long, carnivores

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Photographer & Conversationalist


Super Steak
Jalan Dempo I No. 76
Kebayoran Baru
Ph: 0817 639 6255


  1. nice review.. gw jd pengen kesana... melimpir ah

  2. dimana sih jalan dempo, duh gw suka males kalo menjelajah ke penghujung selatan jakarta, banyak nyasarnya :p super suikiaw is an experience too ruby, u shud try

    1. Jalan Dempo mepet banget sama Pakubuwono Doc. Ikut arahan Om Gugelmep pasti ketemu. Hehehe.

      Ato mau kuliner bareng? Super Suikiaw lanjut Super Steak? HAHA

  3. i'm afraid you mistype the price, refer to the price list in this review: http://www.jajalable.com/2012/09/super-steak.html :)

    1. Hi, thanks for the heads up.

      I referred the price to Super Steak's Official FB Page here:


  4. Huaaaaaaa Ichil pasti seneng banget neh di ajak kesini..sebagai meat lover dan gak jauh lagi dari pondok indah..wajib samperin kalo gitu..thanks buat review nya...

    1. Cocok! Super steak and ichil are meant to be together!

      Btw, bakal buka cabang pertamanya di Senayan City. Jadi kurang asik. But still, pergi ke yang di Jalan Demponya. =D

  5. Nice review Rub.. Seneng bisa bareng-bareng ke 'harta karun' ini haha..
    Like I said, disini beef nya diperlakukan dengan layak tanpa bumbu-bumbu saos yg overwhelm. Thumbs up.
    Oya, link ke web gw kurang satu 'i' tuh Rub hihi..

  6. Hi Ruby! Thanks for dropping by :)
    Big fan of your food pics! :9

    A loyal reader that didn't really dig Red Velvet from OhLaLa as much as you do.
    But already talked to Daniel about that. :)

  7. Akhirnya Super Steak mau buka di Bali, jadi gw gak sekedar bisa ngiler baca tulisan ini Rub :D


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