Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wanderbites! Pay It Forward : Win A Food Photography Session!

Remember Uncle Scrooge?
No matter how filthy rich he gets, there's this one day he set aside particularly to be 'poor' again. He'll dress in his ugliest wardrobe, beat-up shoes, and stroll as 'commons'.

As it reminds me to be thankful, it took me back to the earlier days I'm doing food photography. There was nothing but the love and the thrill of capturing the sexiest angle of a meal. All passion and money was not even in the equation. As I work my way to get where I am today, I can recall helping hands that gracefully support me.

With the kindness that I received, I'm paying it forward to one lucky small biz. One complimentary food photography session. No charge. I simply hope that you, the lucky one, will pay this random-act-of-kindness forward to someone else too.

Oh, and if you wonder what sort of food photos I took for my clients. Other than the photo below, here's a few of my recent portfolio : Wanderbites!

I tweeted it for fun last night, and turns out 4 smallbiz has submit in. I can see the excitement there, so I crank it up a notch. Here are the OFFICIAL details:


Fellexandro Ruby
Food & Travel Photographer / Storyteller

Snack on my tweets @Wanderbites

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  1. Perhaps you forgot to mention that this is only applicable to the jakartan...


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