Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bika Talago Bukittinggi : Heartwarming Delicacy

Remember that cooking video with the Supercook Bara Pattiradjawane?
Did you catch my tweets when I was in Padang last month? 
Now can you connect the dots? 

Well, let me spell it out for ya then. Yes, we won the writing contest by Indomie on their #AsliCabeIjo event. By we, I mean me and the always cheerful Dina from Dua Ransel. The prize was a three days trip to Padang and Bukittinggi. I've never been to both city, so you can imagine the kind of excitement that I had. There's so much to share, but I guess I'm gonna start with the one that speak to me the most. 

There's a saying that goes: "Often, its the littlest thing that left the biggest mark in your heart." It's exactly the case with Bika Talago. The gem is hidden in a small house off the road, halfway from Padang Panjang to Bukittinggi. Colored in orange, it is as if it's trying to scream out of the ordinary line of local houses and attract passersby to take a visit. They did it I suppose, now that we're here. 

We were lucky that they just started to bake the Bika when we arrived. Dina quickly whip out her camera out of the bag and by peer-pressure I took out mine and start click-clacking the shutter. 

The way Bika cooked is a story of its own. Take a look at the clay pot here. Raw bika is put in the lower clay and then closed with another clay pot on top of it. Big chunk of wood charcoal and hot fire inside. In about 10 minutes or so, the raw Bika would start to warm up and ready to be served. 

While munching them, I knew the universe were conspiring to make us happy by sending us the rain. It just made them twice as tasty. Warm food in a cold weather, it just doesn't get any better than that. I personally love the brown sugar more than the white sugar flavor. It has a strong banana aroma and a very coconutty flavor on the tongue. The fact that it was heated in a closed clay might be the reason why it absorb and in itself disburse such an appetizing smell. Sweet and savory tender loving.

The only regret that day was buying only one four pieces of them. Two of each was definitely not enough for me and Dina. Just as it led us to Bika, I guess the universe also purposefully let us took only a quick teaser, so that we'll crave for more and come back in the future. Well, I hope it happens soon!

Stay tuned for more Padang bites!


Bika Talago 
Jl. Padang Panjang - Bukittinggi Km. 10
Sumatra Barat

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  1. lucu yah bika ini, pertama kali nyoba langsung inget wingko babat :) mirip, tapi teksturnya beda :D


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