Saturday, May 4, 2013

Namaaz Dining : Chef Andrian Ishak In His Playground

Fire, smoke, ice, black lights, and heaps of Nitrogen.

Those are only a few of so many tricks under Andrian Ishak's sleeves. How he gets to make all nineteen course distinct in each of its own way, and still taste wonderful is beyond me. I'm now convinced that they are not just hype and gimmicks. I can now imagine the amount of work and science behind the preparation of each season.

Season is how Andrian name his tasting menu. Each season will have a completely different dish. We had his season two that night. It was a privilege to be surrounded with such lovely crowd. Chefs, restaurant owners, media, F&B practitioners nationed under the same curiosity.

As much as I wanted to share the details of every dish, I figured I should respect the Chef and you, Biters if you haven't been there. I don't want to spoil all the fun, since the surprise factor is part of the experience. So, what you'll see here is a pictorial journey of what we had. I might describe a few dish, I might purposely skip some others.

Being the experience junkie that I am, I enjoyed most of the dishes. But more than that, I love the experimental nature behind them. It speaks to me on a rebellious level, just like Ryan Clift's Tippling Club.

Enough words, to cut things short, was it worth the $100 I spent? Totally. Should you go there? If you have the spare budget and if you're that adventurous, go ahead.

Even mineral water looks finer here. 

More like a chemist in a lab, that a chef in a kitchen.

Notice her from the TV show? 

The dish that won my attention. Pempek Kapal Selam. Taste like one, look totally diff.

From behind of his chemical writings on the walls.

Sate Kelopok. Wood chips smoked. Smell like cigar. Taste like satay. 

Mie Kangkung. Super-savory broth. Very meaty, so much it leaves a mark on your throat.

One of the best dessert. Rose champagne, carbonated grapes, and mascarpone. 

Bet behind the beanie are gray hairs from too much chemistry lesson. LOL.

This is ... Well, you just have to find out yourself ;) 

Is that what you think it is? Maybe. Hmm. ;)

And some more nitrogen. This is him making an instant sorbet. 

Namaaz Dining
Jl. Raya Fatmawati No. 26C
(Web reservation only)


  1. aaaa..... now you make me really really curious rubs..
    perasaan baru kmren2 ngmgn namaaz di rumoroso.. udah dluan aja deh hix hix

    1. Ayo cennnndd, bikin kloter baru kita ke sana lagi makann. ;) Ehm, why not to celebrate your birthday =p

  2. it's Raw champagne note rose ;)


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