Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Raj Abat Cooks : All Porked Out

My first meeting with Raj was earlier this year at Otellobby. I can still recall that night and my three ways corn particularly. Me and a few friends went home with a happy belly. Reminded with an experience that was nothing short of delicious, I was excited upon receiving another invitation to a pop-up dinner at Alex's, Kuningan. 

Why Alex you asked? There's a reason for everything, read the title again. Yes, it's a swine night, and this Italian food place happen to have an amazing wood fired oven to bring out the best of our meat. Raj was going all the way to please our tastebuds. 

Before heading to the main show of the night, we had pizzas, spaghetti pestos and grilled potatoes as our appetite kickstarter. The latter speaks to me the most, perfectly cooked and well seasoned. I'm always a fan of potatoes with skin on. 

Few minutes after, the highlight of the night arrived. Having prepared in double-digit hours, the three waves of suckling pig we had was super tender on the inside, succulent and still crackling crispy on the skin. Added with Raj's special sauce, together it orchestrate a sinful collection of fatty flavor. I ended up having two plateful of them and was so full that I had to hold my belly muscles to prevent it from showing off the bulge. I couldn't stop thought, I took my third plate, but halfway the alarm was on, I have reached my peak, the point of diminishing return. It started to feel bland. Too much of something is never good. I stopped myself to prevent going further into dissatisfaction. 

Just when I thought that was it, Raj came back with the dessert. This is the moment where I amazed myself. As it turned out, I could still squeeze this one in. The quote is proven to be true "there's always a space for dessert." This pistachio ice cream was a sweet closure after a long savory treat. The fruits that accompany it successfully freshen up the palate. 

Had enough with the food, I went into conversations with fellow diners. Was glad to met The Diplomatic Wife and listen to her stories. As equally interesting was digging the stories behind Raj's tattoos. There you'll find all the five taste: sweet, savory, bitter, sour, and spicy. There's also duck & octopus, some of his favorite kind of meat to work with. NY as his hometown and the picture of Philippine on his right arm. 

Back in the days he was so tired of people referring all asians as Chinese, so instead of shouting his neck off, he decided to put it on his arm. Yes, a proud Filipino who have made it in the States. They say, if you made it there, you can make it anywhere. I have a feeling he'll do alright in Jakarta. Soon enough, he'll have his own establishment here. Can't wait to see, feel, and taste Raj Abat cooks on his own kitchen. 

Until our next pop-up or whatever, 

Fellexandro Ruby
Food & Travel Storyteller / Photographer

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  1. The food looks delicious.. and I really want to try the pesto and sucking pig!!! Too bad, I couldn't join that night :(

  2. Wah.. ini mah.. Porkgasm!

    Raj ayo datang Medan cook for us!!


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