Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Continuing my prev post on relationship, I've come across this statement. This I think is the defining equation. And no, its not me being articulately romantic in trying to convey my love to a girl (though it sounds like a perfect catchphrase, really). But, naah, its dedicated to my friends around me at the moment, especially the ones I've been close with since I came back to Jakarta. You guys made going back-for-good much easier. You've added value to my life in a way. I'm forever grateful for your presence in my life.

I guess I'm saying I'm inviting you guys to be part of the equation. The inner circle. I'm looking forward in venturing the awesome days ahead with you guys. Cause, in the end what's the point of having it all without the people you love?
You're in? If so then simply tweet the equation mark " = " or post on your Facebook. That would be my cue, or, you can also tweet the equation mark " = " followed w/ ur friends twittername just to say how much you appreciate them as in being part of the equation all this time. Happy February.




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  1. Since I can't tweet, so this is it = my equation mark, followed by names... oh there are plenty of names that I'm grateful for...


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