Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where Are We Going, Babe?

This post is inspired by a friend of mine, Henry Gerson and his note Avoid Crashing. I really really encourage you to hit the page and come back here. This is a continuation of it, sort of like an encore in a concert, still entertaining you, but it tops up the overall satisfaction, the one that conclude your craving as you shouted "we want more, we want more.." (or at least that's what I'm trying to).

I learned the hard way to finally appreciate this. Relationships are indeed like driving a car.

The common tragedy is the guy is always behind the steering wheel, taking it where he wanted to lead, not intending to stop, as all males love the speed. Meanwhile, the girl is on the passenger seat, enjoying every view, taking every trip together, and by the time she realize they're going nowhere, no brake is on her side of the car.

So while in panic, what's the most logical thing to do?

She has to pull the emergency hand-brake. That stopped the two of them in shock, didn't know that was coming. The girl had enough of going round and round with no sense of direction, the boy fell in sudden tantrum for being rejected out of nowhere. Then both left off traumatized of ever riding another car.

While my friend above shared about speed. I find it as equally essential is destination. If you don't have any idea where or why you're going, then at one point of your journey, you'll draw back, as you've wasted time, energy, and resources for nothing.

If you're riding one right now. Or about to. Make sure you have the very fundamental question answered. Like anyone going on a trip, ask: Where are we going, babe?. And like everyone, you would like to know if you're going to enjoy the place you're going. And so you discuss, and so you talked, and sometimes you make sacrifices, forgoing one thing for something better.

But the silver lining is you both agreed on it.

And when you know your destination and your purpose, and you're committed to it, whenever you have a detour, you'll both know to stop and redirect yourself. And whatever obstacles on sight, you'll both work your way over, under, and through it. You'll cherish it.

So, anyway, I'm going there, that place under the rainbow. If you are too, then hop in. =p

Smile on, Shine on.

p.s: If you like to hear more about this, I've made a related post before on this particular subject. Have a read on Don't Just Do It.

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