Monday, March 29, 2010

[Photos] 40th Jakarta Auctions -- Heavy Equipment

And so while in between of breaks, I took a liberty to make some shots for the company that I'm working now. We held our 40th auction last weekend for heavy equipment (excavator, wheelloader, asphalt paver, genset, air compressor, crane and the likes), trucks, and machinery. More than 400 equipments were auctioned on the day. It was a great event. Lots of happy customer going home with nice-clean-good-quality units at an affordable price as most of the equipments are built-up (imported).

Enough with that. Here's the slideshow. Hoping the photos will give you an idea of what we do, what was happening and the feel of bidding for a hundreds of million rupiah worth equipment. Enthusiasm. Competition. But most of all Joy in getting the equipment that you wanted. And finally using it to support your projects and make more money with it.

Ooh, this is my first time taking event-photos. So bear with me. =)

Smile on, Shine on

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