Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Good Thing Will Lead to Another

I was late today. I supposed to get into office as early as 8.29 cause one minute after it will turn 8.30 -- meaning: L-A-T-E (yes in that striking red color). And so this morning I clocked in at 8.38.

I hate being late. I don't like being late. And I don't want to be perceived as 'punctually challenged'. And so I started to ponder. Let's do a bit of backward thinking. Why was I late? Could it be that I was late because I overslept? YES! And why did I woke up late? Ah, that must be my tendency to sleep late. Why did I sleep late? Because I can't sleep early. Why can't? Cause I'm well adjusted with late-night browsing, chatting, twitter-ing and blackberry-ing, movies or whatever activities to entertain me.

Now, let's do some forward thinking. Nine minute can make a whole lot of difference. Let's say my boss arrived on time, and she had something important to do with me, and she looked for me. Let's say its a prospective customer looking for a rough-terrain crane. I wasn't there. By the time I got into office, the offer might have been passed on to other. And there I just lost a 2-billion worth of deal.

And, just for fun some triple-fast-forward thinking.
Now that I missed it. I might not be able to reach my target. And since I can't reach my target, no extra bonuses whatsoever at the end of the month. And since there's no bonus, I will have to postpone my further investment in camera and lenses (aiming for a Canon L Lens 24-70mm f/2.8 at this moment). And since I postponed the lenses, I might not be able to capture the photos I wanted. I might missed the opportunity to catch that beautiful frame of the recently appearing rainbow-on-sunset. And that means I won't be posting any new photoworks here or to my Tumblr. Which if I had the amazing rainbow photos uploaded, somebody might bump into my page and get very well interested to the point of hiring me as her photographer for her pre-wed.

Am I talking nonsense? I suppose not.

What if I forgo that one hour of late-night activities, whatever that is. That would grant me an extra hour of rest. Meaning, I will be able to wake up on time and fresher of course. And get to office on time. Etc.Etc. You know where I'm going.

In conclusion, could it be that one good thing leads to another? (and vice versa) I suppose very much possible. It's just a decision away. A decision to be discipline. Each and everyone of us has the equal chance to make that decision daily. Be wise.

Smile on, Shine on.

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