Friday, April 16, 2010


these steps precede you and me

it was the first of the rest, too many it shortens us
and we double the pace, and we run from our best
and then comes the second from the last
far, far too many it squeezes us

these trails follow you and me

it overcame and you hide, slowly it watches us fall
we overjoyed and we fight, it overruled and you lied
it separates and it dies
way, way slowly it paves our fall


then and there you go
then and there
go ...

I find writing therapeutic. Poetry to be exact. It allows me to cage that sudden rush of uncontainable feelings into words. Left it there and simply move on with my life. Those less susceptible to artistry might not get this right away. But sometimes or should I say many times, words come to me and its just untameable. Sure I can postpone it, but sooner or later it needs to be ventilated. These writings is not always about things happening to me.

I used a lot of I but not always in the sense of me. I used a lot of you but not always in the sense of you. I used a lot of she but not always in the sense of her.

If you like to reach out for more of my random musings, bookmark this: (the url is still subject to change though, so inputs are more than welcomed)

Smile on, Shine On

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