Monday, April 12, 2010

Occupational Hazard

Go and watch 'How To Train Your Dragon' cause that's where I picked off this term. It will help you aligned with what I'm sharing here.

If you're a salesperson then its almost 99.9% guaranteed you'll be calling out 100 random people a day out of your company's database. So don't come crying to your boss saying you can't possibly deal with it.

If you're a graphicdesigner, out of so many design options that you propose to your client, there will always be revision and refinement. And out of so many clients that you have there will always be one that reject your whole proposal. So stop complaining about why your company has to put 'customer satisfaction' in one of their premises/values.

If you're a teacher, one of those days you'll definitely bump into a punk-a** kid who gonna put your patience on trial. So be prepared, there are 1000 variations of kids nowadays. Save your anger for another day.

If you're a full-time doctor and its on your watch, then there'll be no excuses for "I haven't eat anything since morning, let me have my Chocolate All Over Cake and I'll be back for the surgery". So eat your cakes while surgery! Life's on stake.

Any profession of your choice, it comes in a package. The ups and downs. There's no point in blaming, cursing, or bursting out in anger. They're occupational hazard so the Viking in the movie said. They will always co-exist. So, how to deal with it? The Vikings took it as a challenge. Its one of those things you just gotta keep doing no matter what. Will you treat the downs as a challenge the next time it occur? Up to you. Cheers.

Oh, and being a daughter, son, wife, husband, sister, etc, that's occupation too.

Smile On, Shine On.

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  1. Huehauheuahuea ouch ! Merasa tertampar tiba-tiba... Hahahhaa.....Agree ! All the downs will eventually take us to the ups, as long as we decide to walk upwards..Held ur head high, smile and move forward... :D Tho its easier said than done :P


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