Thursday, May 6, 2010

Merci Beaucoup

Six months ago when I started I didn't expect this blog to be much other than a media to stream my thoughts. Then it grows as a place to share many things from daily bits of wisdom,  to releasing my creative works of poetries and photoworks. The point that this blog is now show that everything started out with a small seed, and if we remain faithful, we water them daily, treat it proper and eventually it will grow and bloom (though its far from being a tree or producing tons of fruits, but I've seen result).

I've always been taught to start with what I have, and six months ago, the passion to blog was what I have. And today its great to know it has reached more than 2000 pageviews, and been viewed as far as the States, Australia, Canada, even France. I hope that what I do can and will continue to inspire you in a way. 

Taking that into mind. All the viewers, you guys are the ones who fuels this passion. And for that I'm thanking you. (why does this feels like a farewell post? nvm). And and you could start leaving comments at the end of every blogpost (that little orange word that says 'comment', click on that) or click on the simple LIKE button, that would double my joy and of course that enables me to hear from you, your thoughts, what kind of post that you enjoy or challenge me, I'm open for that.  From me, there'll be more improvements in this blog, there'll be more pretty photoworks (i can guarantee you this), OH! I'm gonna start video-blogging (hope you like the idea of this), and maybe I'll host a competition one day, who knows! And please pray for me for the many projects I have in list now, one of them is having an official pro photography services.

If you're up for my other short musings, reach or for completely dedicated blog for photos click on

So yeas! Once again, Merci Beaucoup.

Smile on, Shine on!

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