Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sarong - Exquisite Asian Taste at Jakarta Culinary Festival

It was love at first sight.
It was Saturday, my first day in JCF. There were many curated food stalls in the expo, however, after a couple rounds my mind was occupied by Sarong. The bali-originated resto had four menu on the day, I took my wild pick, and chose these two:

Bangkok Roasted Duck served with chicken rice, fresh cucumber and yellow bean dressing.   
San Choi Boi with minced chicken, water chestnut, cloud ear mushrooms, and homemade chili sauce.

The duck was served first and my taste bud felt that it was ordinary. I think because they cooked it in advance and let them air in the open until I came and ordered. So, it was cold, not that it wasn't good, its just pretty much as any duck I'd taste at most Asian restaurant. The second menu however was a kick! You can definitely see from the description itself, its much more intense in terms of the taste, it was served hot, the sweet salty minced chicken blend in greatly with the spicy chili. The hint of spices are just in the right level, it complement rather than confuse my sensory. Just the way my asian tounge want it. YUM!

The story didn't end there. Only when I went to wine appreciation class by Masterchef Will Meyrick that I found he is the man behind Sarong. No wonder! Now I love San Choi Boi even more. And what an honor to taste Sarong's specialties here in Jakarta. Thanks JCF and Ismaya for making that happen.
Thoughts are on my mind, pondering about chasing my love at first sight all the way to Bali. I'll let you know when that happen. =P

Smile on. Munch on. Shine on.

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  1. bali on december, yes? ; )

  2. Good post! We love Sarong in Bali!

  3. Thank you Ismaya. And thanks for bringing the delicacies to Jakarta. You ROCK!

  4. Thank you Ismaya. And thanks for bringing the delicacies to Jakarta. You ROCK!


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