Monday, November 22, 2010

Wine Me. Wine Me Not. (JCF Chef Roundtable Session)

Wine. For most people this particular beverage sounded foreign, hard to comprehend, and expensive. Me too at the start of my wine adventure! So, friends, you're not alone. However as destiny took me to the new world of wine in Australia, and further to the capital of wine - France, I finally came across my revelation at the previous Jakarta Culinary Festival. I had a chance to sit on the wine appreciation sessions (yes! thats plural, i took three session in a day =p) at the Chef Roundtable with four of the best in their field. What strike my interest was how each and every one of them has their own take and their own enjoyment to wine. I'll lay them out here in several sequential post in hope of bringing out that bright-yellow-eureka-lamp above your head at the end of each post.

Senior Master Sommelier at Four Seasons Hotel - Suyanto
Sommelier is what they call the wine specialist in a restaurant who's responsible for educating the staff about wine and assisting customers with wine selections. In his presentation, he's truly no doubt has a broad and in-depth knowledge about wine - from the winemaking process to tasting the wine. His take on wine is very technical as is required from a sommelier. Kudos. However, I'll be good to you peeps, I'll save the complicated stuff for another time.

Sales and Brand Manager of exclusive glassware & tableware brand such as Royal Doulton, Schott Zweisel and many more - Fredy
He's got a very outgoing touch in explaining wine. With his vast knowledge he tried his best to communicate it in plain language for us wine-rookies. I learned the most from him. I came back the next day to sit on a personal session with him, which I couldn't be more thankful for his humbleness in giving his time and sharing about wine.

Sarong Masterchef - Will Meyrick & The Supercool Guy - Dean
I seriously don't know about the last guy, but this hilarious dude deserve to be the supercool guy, as he and Will Meyrick changed my perspective about wine and asian food. They are the perfect couple that summed up my whole point-of-view toward wine and its world of wonder.

Enough introduction. I hope you're getting as intrigued as I was when I decided to sat on that same chair for three straight session.  Hmm, I hope you are. And as I was at that time wondering "wine me, or wine me not",  these four experts slowly shine me with revelations, I'll slowly uncover in points the light-bulb-moment that I got from them. So bear with me to the next post will ya?

Cheers with a Vouvray,

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