Monday, November 22, 2010

Wine Me. Wine Me Not. (The Glass)

Amazing line up at the Jakarta Culinary Festival was it? The four of them has refined my basics about wine and also allow me to conclude my own perspective which I'll share at the end. Let's waste no time.


The proper use of glasses influence your wine experience. The simplest rule of thumb is that the wider glass complements red wine while the tall-slim glasses complements the white wine. Why? Cause the wide glass allows the red wine to 'breathe' and allows the natural aroma to blossom up. So the next time you see people swirling their glass of wine, you know they aren't just playing around, they're helping the 'aeration' to release their divine smell. On the other hand, the white wine, well known to be best served cold, need to maintain their temperature with the slim and tall design.

Holding The Glass
You most probably see people holding the glass with all fingers and the palm touching the bowl of the glass. Bad news! Those images we see on Hollywood movies are misleading. --" You know you did that. Its okay, Me too. =P The best and correct way to hold a glass of wine is by the stem of the glass (see how Fredy holds it here). Why? Serving temperature is important for wines, when our hands touch the surface it will warm the wine and therefore change the taste. In general, wines are better served at a certain cool temperature (8-10 C for Whites and 15C for Reds).

Alrighty, see I've just saved you and myself the next time we have a VIP event that only serve wine, we'll surely know how to at least 'appear' knowledgeable about wine. =P More serious stuff coming. I hope you have one or two good glass until then.

Cheers with a Sauvignon Blanc
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