Monday, February 14, 2011

Homemade Italian Cooking at Convivium Deli

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Its a celebration of love. If you're single, envy not, let it be a reminder that the best is what you'll get. If you're in a relationship then let the joy be shared. Share your moment, share your attention, share your laughter. And in that spirit, I'm gonna share to you my beloved wanderbiters these beautiful Italian delicacies.

Meet this fresh Italian resto located at the South of Jakarta, serving the very best of its kitchen. Clean, homy atmosphere is the first thing I noticed the second I step in. Occupied mostly by large collective tables, they are intended to favor group of people to dine and chat, as the name Convivium itself means place for gathering and eating. The second thing was the super attentive and polite waiters who quickly serve those lovely complimentary breadsticks as soon as I sat down.

As it is the culture in most European culture where they have two or three courses menu and closed with a dessert, this time I wanted to relive the same experience. And so I began with the Mushroom Soup. This creamy and fulfilling bowl of thick savory mushrooms made me reminisce of the good times in Europe. Surely a great variety killer for my tongue.

Moving on to the mains, I had one plateful of Lamb with Traditional Italian Sauce. It was interesting how they present the garlic in its entirety without having the skin peeled. Same thing for the potatoes. I liked it this way though, the unpeeled skin gave a good pair of smooth and coarse texture mix. As for the lamb itself, it was for my tongue particularly average. Maybe it was the firm meat that almost too resilient to munch. Or maybe it was the unexpected amount of fat compared to the meat. I wasn't lucky that day I guess.  Yeah, I wasn't.

And so I spoil it on my drinks. Drink drink. And here's another angle of the Lamb to give you a better sense of size and a better sense of ... o well I can't find another reason. Actually I just liked it portrait-style. Haha. So drool on this Lamb. Oh, size wise this isn't too filling even for a person, so don't even consider sharing. =p

Actually, I ordered two desserts two close my dinner with, The Italian Chocolate Cake and The Tiramisu. I'm not that excited to talk about it, hence the absence of photos for the two. In short, I was teenybit disappointed. In my head, an italian chocolate cake suppose to spill all the goodness of chocolava, however after one even two bites, I couldn't find the lava I was looking for. WHAT?! The Tiramisu was effectively my last resort. But it dissapoints as well. I'm sorry. I find my friend's homemade Tiramisu is much tastier and closer to original than theirs. Not to mention, the awful presentation. Instead of making the dessert better looking, the splash of sugar / cocoa was more like random spills.

For all the good and the bad I spent around 250K. Quite pricey but still in the normal range for european resto. I still think I got unlucky this time, there's so much potential I see in this space. I might pay it a second visit. But until I do, why don't you? Try the pizzas and pastas, let me know after. =)

Stay lovely Wanderbiters. Buon Appetito!

Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. enakan mana sama pepenero rub??
    klo 25o rebu itu sendiri atau ber 2??
    klo sendiri sama kaya makan di paulaner brahaus ya

  2. enak pepenero klo menurut g fer. tapi harus g uji lagi ni resto sekali lagi. hehe.

    250 kmrn g berdua, tapi kenyangnya pas bgt. klo di paulaner segitu uda kenyang barudakk. haha.

  3. hellooo, nice blog dude :)

    ebuset dah, tuh foto2 makanan kayaknya enak
    gw jadi laper dan pingin makan rawon :P

  4. @ Ola: welcommmeee and gratziee mate *sok italian*

    LAH, KOK JADI NGIDAMNYA RAWON? --" italian ke rawonn .... LOL

  5. ini dimana nya nihh?
    looks delicious :D

  6. @michelle_: di panglima polim, chel. =D lumayan enak, specialtynya pasta (katanya, belum cobain jg =p)

  7. ada nomer telponnya ga?mau pesen kue untuk besok nih. thanks

  8. @Anonymous: Coba hub di (62 21) 7269963 atau tweet di @ConviviumDeli =)

  9. Tried already..
    pastanya enakkk :D I tried the one w/ the squid ink (black pasta) and the lasagna (veryyyyyy meaty, which is GREAT!)
    Satu lg dessertny..their famous red velvet cake (HEART this <3<3)You should try :)
    anddd nice blog btw..hehehehe

  10. @ANONYMOUS: Wow, seems like you had a jolly good time there. Thanks for sharing, oh and I'd definitely check their red velvet sooon =)))

  11. the pasta? one was dry,almost tasteless. the other one with tomato sauce tastes like canned tomato. mushroom soup was standard. only liked the red velvet.

  12. try the carrot cake instead.. supa dupa delish with lotsa walnuts.. very very good, the best i've ever tasted in jakarta... =)

    1. Interestinggg. Will give it a try. Thanks MFH!

    2. my pleasure.. lemme know your verdict after you have tried the carrot cake.. =) btw, <3 your reviews and photos.. all photos were artistically taken, superb results.. looking fwd to reading and seeing more and more.. =)


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