Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bittersweet Corner - A Treat For The Sweet Toothed

It has been a while I noticed a growing number of patisserie-inspired foodplace around Jakarta. Offering small bits of snacks, cakes, tea, coffee and the likes. Not to fulfill hunger, but more to please the sugar obsessed like me =P. Bittersweet is well within that group. This tiny secluded cafe is more like a hidden gem. Placed at the end of the corner of a lowly visited alley in Plaza Indonesia's 3rd floor (exactly on top of Kopi Luwak), it's more often than not missed by many. This space used to be occupied by a similar establishment. I used to come here for the macaroons, but it was closed for quite some time until replaced by Bittersweet.

By now, I suppose you know where this is going.

Yes! Macaroons! And more photos below! 

This time I took these lovely colorful macaroons home and recreated Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party with none other than me, myself, a pack of French Earl Grey TWG Tea, and of course the light of the day green tea, strawberry, and Oreo macaroons. A blissful me-time on Sunday morning, while its raining outside. Irreplaceable. Oh, and I learned that this particular macaroon is considered as French style macaroons in contrast with the more chewy English macaroons. My favorite out of the three is ALL THREE OF THEM! Haha =D I'm sorry but I had a tough time deciding and the fact is I share the same amount of liking for all three.

I mean what's not to like, especially when two pieces of colorful crunchy sugary mini meringues sandwiched together with luscious fillings. They might not be in par yet with Pierre Hermes' macaroons in Paris (oh i so want to try his signature pistachio macaroon), but sure thing, they are quite a treat.

A treat too hard to put down. Just as my next surprise guest on the tea party. Meet ... *take a sip of tea* ... Bittersweet's Chocolate Caramel Tart. =) Beware! Foodporn ahead!

Drooling yet? Haha. I know! And I'm writing this at 10 in the night. I have to fight this desire to open my fridge and take a bite on the leftover from the tea party. Well anyway, it was as desirable as I expected. As soon as I took a bite over the crisp round part of the tart and the gooeysweet chunk of caramel, I fell in love with it. That was one dangerous bite. Munching on it and feeling it swirling around the tongue successfully drop my logic right on the floor, and I end up taking the second and the next bite easily until one bite left. And that's whats left in my fridge. Saved from guilt. =p

Oops, sorry for the foodporn again. =P

Anyway, it's so good to be able to sit and think clearly about life and whatnots. Just myself. I think everybody needs a me time at least once a month. With so much going on, and the external forces affecting us daily. Its a must to refill your tank. One day. Secluded. And come back the next day refreshed. Do you have that kind of moment? Share with me if you don't mind and what you usually do. 
Cheers for all the sweet-toothed Wanderbiters, 
Fellexandro Ruby

Bittersweet Corner
Plaza Indonesia Perennials Store Level 3 #E18
Jalan MH. Thamrin Kav 28-30
+6221 2992-3661


  1. Ahh.. ini Macarons yg sesuai kaidha yg benar. Ada 'kaki'-nya :D
    Beautiful shot..!

    (ah.. when did I hv my last me-time)

  2. Oh.. this one post is so irresistible. Proud of you, getting better day by day =) *i seriously don't want to close this window* hihihi.

  3. @ Jiewa: 'kaki' ? bikin penasaran lo jie. ckck. =p

    @ Andrea: let it open then, or better yet, jadiin wallpaper. hahaha.

  4. waduh manis banget kayanya ne.. gw suka.. tp ga boleh banyak2.. tar gula darah naek huauha

  5. @ ferdian: haha, inget" pesan mama yah. =p

  6. Those macarons are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. @Peggy: I KNOW! But on the side note, I kinda think all macaroons are gorgeous. =D

  8. Wow! Your photography is ridiculously beautiful...!!

  9. love the pics! like your typo choice! and... TWG French Earl Grey is the BEST!! (well i guess 2nd from T2, but still...)

  10. @Cooking Gallery: I thank God for 'beautiful' coming after 'ridiculous'. =p haha Thanks dear

    @Ngel: Wheee, a typo approval from a designer. *widegrin*

  11. Rub! Blog lo yang ini ISTIMEWA! Love it! Keep it up bro

  12. Thank you for the lovely feature! Come and drop by with your friends again, we have some surprising daily specials!

  13. take the best pictures!!i'm drooling over my keyboard right now ;)

  14. @ Bittersweet: Thank you for serving such a rare delicacy. I will! Oh, infact i'm coming to your event at Pacific Place this weekend. =D Hope to see you there.

    @ Fooshionista: Don't charge me for a new one when its ruined. =p

  15. I'm walking straight to bittersweet corner and planning my metime with the sweet treats. Nice blog!!!

  16. @NADY: Thanks nad. I hope you enjoy Bittersweet as much as I do.

    @WINDA YUNNAL: *sodorin ember* =p


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