Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blissful Bali Day #3 : Spa(ced) Out !

Here we are on the last day.

If you missed out on Blissful Bali trip, you can see Day #1 & Day #2.

After a long restful sleep at Bliss Wayan, the first surfing-themed hotel in Bali, we were all ready for our final pampering chapter. 

Taman Air Spa for the rescue. Its been a long while since I had a masseuse loosen out my muscles. Being not a big fan of massage, reflexology, or any incarnation of that is one. Being a rather ticklish person is two. This time though, I couldn't wait for the session to start. Most of it because of the intense amount of walking the night before exploring Kuta. 

Taman Air Spa is placed in a beautiful establishment capturing the balance of both bricks and nature. A concept found in most buildings in Bali. They call it Tri Hita Karana, one of the fundamentals in Hindu religion that outline the need of harmony between human-god (parahyangan), human-human (pawongan), and human-environment relationship (pelemahan). By holding true to this in practice, they believe its core to the success of life and businesses. Once you know this, you gonna start noticing it everywhere from hotels to restaurants. ;) 

We started the session by choosing the scented oil that fits our liking. What comes next is all blurry. It involves a lot of silent 'ooh' and 'ahh' in my head as my body being repaired. 

An hour and a half after, when the session finished, I felt really peaceful at this place. No more sore muscles. Minds all relaxed. If only I could stay another hour just to continue with a nap, that would be awesome. 

Its sad that with every welcome, there will be goodbye. We are the end of the journey. With the hot ginger and sweet cakes we closed the blissful days in Bali. I look forward to another meeting. I look forward to cross path again with you fellow bloggers, Jen, Jie, Leo, Vira, Bowo, Dalih, Barry, Laura, Mbak Febry. 

Thank you Avilla & most importantly the amazingly cheerful Alfie for arranging the whole thing. Look forward to have it annually =p


Fellexandro Ruby
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Bliss Wayan Hotel
Jl. Sriwijaya No. 88
Legian - Bali
Ph: (0361) 767222

Taman Air Spa
Jl. Sunset Road No. 88 
Kuta - Bali 
Ph: (0361) 8947300

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