Friday, January 11, 2013

A Tavola Kemang : Italian? Definitely (Maybe).

I've heard of praises prior to coming here, but it all tears down the soonest I enter the place on Sunday afternoon and find no patrons there. There were only one waitress to do all the job, including printing bills from behind the till. (Hey that rhymes!)

Few scenarios run in my head. I pulled out my occasional not-so-sure-about-your-place-but-I-wanna-see-what-you-have trick.

"May I have a look at your menu first?" 

A quick glance, still with doubts, but I say to myself : no harm in trying. My usual drill in an Italian restaurant is to order the two dish that represent the country the most: Pizza and Pasta. Lucky my friends are all with me and everyone picked a different menu.

Here's what was on our table:

Pizza Con Pepperoni (60k)
Shameful. Not only that the bread was hard to chew, when we let it air for 10-15 minutes it slowly deteriorates into something close to biscuit. Let's not go to the meat and cheese shall we? They are equally uninteresting as the bread.

Chicken Cordon Blu (Pardon me, forgot the price)
This saved my friends' belly from more pizza torture. A decent roll of meat, served warm, enough creamy sauce. Not something worth of honorary mention though. By the way, I'd appreciate if you could tone down the grated cheese. As you'll notice along the way, they are a little too serious in showing of their cheese to the point of almost ruining the taste. Because everything taste similar now.

Spaghetti Al Pesto (28k)
I personally would recommend this. Cooked al dente with the complementing basil & pine sauce, I needed nothing more to satisfy my tastebuds. Simplicity at its best.

Beef Lasagna (55k)
Another promising menu saved by the beef. But distracted by the cheese (again).

Fettuccine Con Prosciutto (40k)
Well cooked pasta. Cream based sauce was fascinating as well. I have no complains but the unnecessary reappearance of the grated cheese (again for the third time!).

Torta Di Cioccolato (30k)
Thank God they didn't pour cheese on this one. Probably the best thing that happened that afternoon. Not the best warm chocolate cake in town though. What makes it inferior to the one at Spageddies is probably the choice of chocolate. I just like their richness better.

At the end of the day, I probably should have listened to this review instead, or pay more attention to my gut feeling. I have no disappointment though. The meal was a lot more enjoyable with good friends around, they made it worth the while.

This is also a lesson to you Biters. If you have been coming to this site, lets not forget the written review while mesmerized by the photos. Read it paragraph by paragraph. Not everything that looks good is delectable. Same with food, same with women.


Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. Ugh... i tried this place based on a review from some free magazine telling this place has authentic italian food. yeah right...

    seeing the grated cheddar (i think kraft or even worse) ruined the already tasteless dish

  2. cobain Signora Pasta aja di daerah Cirendeu. Enak & harga juga terjangkau.

    1. SIGNORA PASTA! Menarikkk. Cirendeu tuh dimana? Hahaha

    2. Cirendeu itu daerah Tangerang, dari Lebak Bulus ga terlalu jauh kok LOL...kalo mau rame2 ud beberapa kali ke sana & selalu puas sih. Si Dino juga demen ke sana

    3. Hey.. let's go together and try Signora Pasta with some other bloggers ;) I believe Cindy would also love to join it, right, Cin?

  3. Hahahaha... I like the way you describe women and food ;)

    My experience with the food at this restaurant was good (no complaint of the cheese) although the dessert was a "disaster". But then, one thing to be noticed, I was there because I was invited for a food tasting and the menu was already prepared by them.

    1. Hehe. Us boys knows that two topic so well =p

      Didn't get the time to come to the tasting. But I guess its a blessing in disguise. Always a pleasure to discover the place as it is.

  4. "Not everything that looks good is delectable. Same with food, same with women." - nice.. definitely a good way to end a bad review.. lol


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