Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collaboration - Monolog Coffee & Livingetc Magazine

It was Indonesia's Independence Day, 8 AM in the morning, and I'm probably the first person to park at Plaza Senayan. A special day, cause I was about to take photos for one of the most talked about foodplace at the moment, Monolog Coffee and at the same time collaborating again for the second consecutive time with Livingetc Magazine, a UK based interior magazine that shares the same passion for good looking foods. Only this time, we stood up for something fresh, it was a special spread on Coffee, as Jakartans are also rising in curiosity and openness towards coffee.

I hope we all did a good job of representing the essence of each coffee menu. I had a great time shooting, thanks for the helpful baristas who accommodate us with fresh brewed coffee again and again during their peak hours. I salute you. Also Andrea Sharon of Livingetc for doing the extra mile in giving her styling perspective, and filling in when I was at the end of my nerves.

All is well. I'm very happy upon receiving the hard copy. It looked, feel, and taste different in prints. Therefore I urge you to get Livingetc's October edition.

I hope you enjoy the work. Let me know what you think.

And gratzie for your support, Biters =)

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Coffee Amateur

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  1. Oh my gosh! Such great looking images, I totally should learn more food photography skills from you =)

    PS: Those coffee surely taste good too! Would love to try it soon

  2. @RAVIOLI: Thanks, glad you liked it. *fiuh* The burdens a bit off now. Let's learn together! Foodshots are fun!

    PS: Let me know when you've pay them a visit.

  3. OH MY UHM OH MY !!
    fabulous images as always ! wanna learn more from you bro !! let me assist you again , heheh

  4. wow. such awesome photos! you're really good at this Ruby. great work!

  5. Ruby you took the best pictures, as always :D

  6. @ARMAN YO: Let's!

    @IRENE @FOOSHIONISTA: *pegangan biar ga ketinggian melayang* *keeping my feet on the ground* thanks guyssss =D


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