Monday, October 10, 2011

Health Conscious OMO! Chicken

Having missed their opening in August due to clashing schedule, I finally get to taste them sometime ago. I've been screen-drooling over Selba and Jendry's review, now it's my turn to get you biters drool over these health conscious chickens.

Yep! Boasting themselves as the first that uses canola oil, they also claimed zero use of pork, lard, or artificial coloring, and most importantly NO MSG. The latter part is what interest me the most. I just watched this great life altering movie titled "Food Matters", since then I've been taking quite a good look at what I eat. Anyway, I'd have another post on that, now back to OMO!

Their signature dish is none other than the chicken wings which comes in three flavors: hot, soya, and tomato. Here's a closer look of them.


In general, they're not as tasty as I thought it would be. Maybe, it was partly because of the 'healthy' seasoning. As an example, we all know skim cream milk are just incomparable in any ways to full cream milk. In the same sense probably the inclusion of some considerably unhealthy yet delicious ingredients (read: pork) might resulted in a quite a turn of event for the tongue. But then again, they are good for what they are, a healthier chicken wing.

If I had to choose though, I'd go for the hot spicy one instead of the other two. It has a specific aroma that secure its Asian touch and resembles Korean food. I liked it. The tomato are somewhat tasteless for my adventurous tongue, while the soya plays on the safe side just like any other foodplace that serve wings.

For the drinks, their Korean Barley Tea is my personal favorite. My first encounter with this type of tea was in a Korean barbershop, been missing it for a while until I found it at OMO! So, it was like meeting an old friend. Pleasantly soothing, but still surprising.

Would I come back for some more? Probably. Right after I got bored with Kamikaze Chicken or Four Fingers. But for you Biters, if you haven't try it, you might wanna give it a taste then let me know which is your favorite out of the three similar food place.


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  1. Love the Barley tea too :)

    You didn't try the curry burger? It's really good in my opinion (but maybe coz' I got tired of the ordinary taste of burgers, hehehe)

  2. it's been a while since you post! anyway, the chicken wings look a bit small, don't they?

  3. i believe that so..
    Kamikaze chicken is incredibly easy to make and very, very delicious, simply stated... :)

  4. @Selba; Is it similar to curry taste in Carl's burger?

    @Irene: You noticed! Haha. Been busy with workloads and those collaboration w/ magazines =)

    @Majalah Masjid: Agree!

  5. There's curry in Carl's burger? Oh, I didn't know that....


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