Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Nostalgic at Ta Wan Restaurant Jakarta

Family. Its the first thing that I recall whenever I think, see, or hear about Ta Wan. This can be traced back to my very first encounter with this foodplace that specialize in Chinese cuisines. It was a day of celebration, while I forgot what was it about, but I remembered walking along Mega Mal (now Pluit Village) fourth floor with parents, bro and sis, came in and had a big feast.

I always carry the same nostalgic mood on my visit afterwards. But then there's a long vacuum, its almost like Ta-Wan went off my food radar for years. I blame it on my newly found curiosity towards new food that I rarely try out Chinese's again. Until a while ago, an invitation come by to taste Ta Wan branch in Pacific Place. I was more than happy to revisit the taste I've forgotten.

Here's a recap of what me, Umay and Tari had that night. Thanks to you two for your patience, for letting me mess the food before we eat. Hahaha.

Eat up!

Fried Shrimp w/ Pineapple Sauce

I vote this to be the highlight of the night. The queen of the dishes, simply because I'm a fan of this particular party of flavor, the dance among sweet, sour, and spicy. Second, the use of pineapple is quite uncommon, so its a thumb up for the dare. And lastly lets not forget, its shrimp!

Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom

I'm a huge fan of enoki. I loved it when it wrapped with beef and become Gyu Enoki at Sushi Tei. I loved it when it's mixed among vegetables in a bowl of suki. There's a distinct texture that I like while munching them. It's gone with this one, and replaced with a crunch. To the truth, I'm still in a love-hate relationship with it until now.

Black Pepper Beef

Enjoyed this one. It's blackpepper after all. A glance at the photo and you'll understand. =9

Three Flavored Porridge

This said to be the distinguishing specialty of Ta Wan. I'd have to agree and disagree. Agree for its portion, taste, and generous amount of meat (fish fillet, chicken breast, and shrimp). Disagree because its porridge, I just don't enjoy 'em. I'm sorry. Porridge is not in my dictionary of delicacies. But for you who eat porridge, this one is good to go for.

Spicy & Salty Squid

Enough said. I can imagine you mouth starts to water. I just don't know why, whenever I go Chinese, I order this menu and they always leave me satisfied. This one as well.

Kung Pao Chicken

While I enjoy the taste, I would appreciate it even more if its served with cashew nut instead of ordinary ground nut. The ground nut kinda extract the exoticism out of this dish.


To conclude, I had to say, until now, Ta Wan is still one of my go to place for family dinner for the romance and also it gives me a certain level of comfort knowing that their cooking rarely go wrong while it doesn't always especially stand out. However, for the price I'm paying, its well worth it. You can find them at their many branches, Taman Anggrek Lower Ground, Pacific Place, Pluit Village, Ciputra Mal, to name a few.

If you have a similar place where its nostalgic for you, do share. =)

Cai Cien Biters,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist, Photographer, and a Proud Chinaman

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  1. my mouth did water when I saw the spicy n salty squid LOL!

  2. kayanya crispy enoki-nya mayan hits yah. hahaha... semua org pasti pesen itu klo di tawan

  3. mesti nyoba UDANG TELOR ASIN.. recommended bgt!!

  4. @IRENE: HAHA. Spot on!

    @NATASHA: G personally kurang doyan, tapi emg jarang ketemu enoki crispy di tempat lain. Atau karena 'murah dan banyak" yak? hahaha. Namanya juga "chinese" resto LOL


  5. I think your pics make Ta Wan's food look much more interesting. :)

  6. @CHRISTINE WU: I think it was a good chemistry. I usually find it hard to shoot chinese food, but at the time things seem to 'click'. =)

    1. I'm currently in Jakarta, any recommended place that is a must-try? Thx in advance :)

    2. Several uprising ones are Sandra Djohan's Epilogue, Otel Lobby, for french. Union for their Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake Pie. Yang lagi ngehype dan masih hype itu Holy Cow Steak. But then again, the real Jakartans food are the Amigos (agak minggir got sedikit) you wanna check 'em out too. =)

    3. Haha! Amigos.. yep, I've been eating at kaki limas around Muara Karang & Tj Duren. Just run out of ideas..


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