Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Un Pranzo Piacevole In Pesto Autentico

 One enjoyable lunch at Pesto Autentico.

Indeed it was. Upon entering the venue, I was greeted directly by the manager in charge and led to my reserved table next to the window (perfect lighting for a quickie photoshoot). Was so excited to finally try this place. I've been in love with their design, interior and their simple catchy name for quite a while.

And so with the menu in my hand I ordered me-self a bunchful of Italian delicacies.

I started off with Classico Pane Italiano to kickstart my empty belly, a little virgin olive to oil my digestion system and a sip of Pesto Signature Tea to get it ready for some muscular heavy food munching activity. These bread are of course compliment of the house. And so just as with any compliment, I don't want to spoil myself with it. Took a tiny bite and that's it. Too much of a compliment is not good for anybody.

A couple second after, I get a message from my belly informing that he is ready for the big party. Just in time! The Fettucinne alla Pescatora came few minutes afterward. You've got to look at the generous amount of shrimp and squid, not too mention the portion big enough to satisfy two belly. I also love the creamy sauce. It came with a perfect combination of salt and sweet for my liking. The only setback is that I couldn't taste the white wine that they said was part of the bechamel sauce. It feels almost like being lied to. Or maybe I'm just too sensitive. Nevermind.

Coming up second on the main course list was the Rustica Pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham, and mushrooms).

While the picture might get you stunned and drooling, the taste is somewhat far from what their beauty projected. On my defense, it was too Italian (so much for an italian-sounding name Rubs). On their defense, my tongue is too Indonesian. Both are correct, and thankfully there's a win-win solution ... Heinz Tomato Sauce! Yes! That bottle of tomato literally saved my appetite. So Pesto, there's a hint for you. There might be a reason behind if you keep finding yourself running out of tomato sauce.

Bread, bread, and some more bread. I just had enough of it halfway through my lunch, hence I asked my Panacotta to be served. This time I have to thank their lack of rum because its just what I wanted. My tongue simply refuses rum mixed in any kind of food. But this one, is just right, maybe not on the extraordinary end, but a sweet closure to my lunch, oh yes!

Overall, I had a satisfying first encounter with Pesto. As I mentioned earlier their warm and inviting interior is always a plus for me.

Will I come back? Hmm. I definitely will IF and ONLY IF Disdus offer another promo voucher. =p Don't you agree Biters?

Looking forward to hear your Italiano feedback.

Adios Biters,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist, Photographer, and I swear that Italian sounding name is just my parents creativity.

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Pesto Autentico
Thamrin Nine, UG Floor
Ph: 29937230
E: ciao@pesto.co.id
T: @PESTOautentico


  1. Umm...mamma mia...it's been a looooong time since your last post! I was so excited to see that Wanderbites is finally updated today... =)

  2. @ELLYNA: Thanks for being in tune with Wanderbites. =)

  3. The place looks lovely, and I've read too many reviews about this place! I hope I'll try it soon. Did you really demolish all the food by yourself?

  4. i love ur pics, make the food looks so tempting

  5. @IRENE: I ended up taking away half pan of the pizza. *bloated* haha

    @WINDA: Thank you, do read to the writings as well. Picture can be very well deceiving. LOL

  6. Beautiful shots, as always. Anyway Rub, taste is always a matter of personal thing, isn't it? But I love everything authentic. That authentic is, JANGAN PAKE SAOS TOMAT DONK hahahahaha


  7. I helped him demolish the food. HAHA.

  8. me too. will go there if disdus or dealkeren offer another promo. like usual, great picture !

  9. Damnnn.. these things are too stronggg ! and the photos too... all of the is so great.. this is ain't mouth watering, this is what i called ' Mouth Flooding '... !!

    VERY WELL TAKEN MATEEE !! Teach me more guruuuu !!

  10. Pannacotta nya enak ya boook! Gw jd kepengen lagi.hahaha.

  11. Hm.. After looking at this post 5x a day. Fotonya jadi bagus bangettttttttttt yah! karena gede mungkin yakk? *terpesona* ;)

  12. @DANIEL-DK: Setujuuu, makanya eiks sudah coba dulu rasa 'otentik'nya sebelum akhirnya dibuat jadi 'personal'... aka PAKE CABE DONK PASTINYA!

    @URUKYU: What a deal right?! Poke @SARA-ROZELINA, ayo bikin promo lagi!

    @SARA: Panacottanya ada yg lebih enak katanya Sar, cuma bisa pesen by order. Ntar g twit.

    @ARMAN YO: Thanks bro, for each compliment is a sign I shall hurry back and do better stuff again. =)

  13. My last experience in this place was quite a disaster that I swore never again shall I visit this place.

    I walked in at 3 pm on a slow weekend when the place was absolutely empty, yet it took them an hour to produce our food. I glared at the lollygagging chefs inside kitchen, seems they have forgotten their guests (and the orders, because they had to rewrite it again after I inquired about the super long wait). The food's not even good enough to cover the bad service.

    My boyfriend twitted to complain about it directly to Poste's official account, only to be replied almost a month afterwards, offering their apologies and another meal on the house. Pity we were already too bitter about the place that we just ignored it.

    But I guess sometimes that's what you get for being a 'regular customer' (as opposed to food critique/media/any well known figure in f&b industry), you get to see the real service.

  14. @MARGIE: That's a disappointing experience indeed. And ON WEEKEND, AT 3PM ? That is just unacceptable. I'm sorry you had to went through that, Gie. I suppose I was lucky then? Padahal gua pake voucher diskon Disdus. Haha.


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