Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Temptation // Collaboration with Go Girl Magazine & Keisha Xaviera

I'm one of those who's fascinated with creation. From zero to hero. From a blank piece of paper to artistic sketch. From raw ingredients to belly fulfilling food. This time I had the chance to make it happen.

My very own version of creation: from nothing into a piece of mouth watering pictures. The canvas was mine to paint.

It was because of this excitement, this chills in the bone, this urge for creation that got me saying 'yes' to this project on such a short notice. One day preparation, one day shoot, and voila! I hope it accomplishes its purpose: to drool each and every one of you Biters.

I'd like to take this session to thank personally Yohanes Radityo for being such a warm, patient, and encouraging compadre during the photo shoot, his artistic inputs really kept me inspired. Rianty and Yence for the hands on touches on styling the foods, doing the extra mile of grocery shopping and helping out in the kitchen. Thank you the anonymous Shinta Himura for hooking us up. Young chef Keisha Xaviera, thank you for letting us make a huge mess in your kitchen, the desserts are lovely and yummy. I'm just happy to see such talent in youths like you. Keep it up.

I love it when all the chemistry work. We were all in this together. I had such a fun times with you guys. Really awesome people, keep making your awesome mark in the world. 

Oh, if any of you want to order one of these you can call the chef right away at 0818681351. My personal favorite is the chocolate choco pie and apple crisp. I hope you like it too. =)


Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist, Photographer, & Just being a bit too Emotional at the moment.

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PS: I think I'd like to see you guys again over dinner, or maybe another photoshoot? =D


  1. hahaha the anonymous @shintahimura disappear from twitter. but, hell yeah she is still ur blog reader.

  2. did you do the food styling as well? awesome, great work!

  3. aaaaaa !!! love it rubs !! you're a true talent !

  4. @KURAKURACHAN: Hello the not-so-anonymous-now Shinta. Haha. Thanks for being a loyal visitor. Maybe one day I need to start crowning my loyal visitor. =p

    @IRENE: I did the styling too, with the help of the abovementioned awesome people =)

    @NATASHA: Thanks natt! Memang beda hasilnya kalau bekerja dari passion =))

  5. terima kasih juga ya sudah membantu kami, bener2 pengalaman gak terlupakan^^
    fyi, edisi ini berhasil dapet respon positif karena berhasil bikin ndut baik pembaca maupun crew-nya. hehe... next semoga kita bisa kerja sama lagi^^


  6. Rub, ini pake natural lighting semua? apa ada extra flash?

    1. Tik, almost everything is done with flash as main light. I cannot trust natural lighting for a full day shot like this. The angle and intensity kept on changing. =)


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