Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healthy Meal : Collaboration With Chef Rinrin Marinka & Go Girl Magazine


As I promised, here's a look of my latest collaboration with Chef Rinrin Marinka. For those who watched Masterchef Indonesia should already have a hint of who she is. For me, my first meeting with Rinrin was through her amazingly scrumptious Green Tea Cake at Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010. I can still recall the clash of sweet macha layer and sour passionfruit. Yummy! It was lovely to taste her cooking again, and this time meeting her in person.

The theme we're aiming was healthy meal alternatives. And so she create these two menu especially for Go Girl Magazine: Hello Muscle for breakfast and Salmon Buckwheat for lunch.

Helping out behind the scene was Didit, Yence, Rianty, & Mba Ika from Go Girl Magazine. I'm thankful working alongside them, a group of passionate people with great work ethic. Alrighty, I shall not spoil the details here, let these photos tell the story.

Wise up! Eat up!

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer

PS: For Christmas gifts and parcels you can email me at wanderbites@gmail.com for details =p Nah, I'm joking. But seriously ...

It's a wrap! Thus the happy, relieved faces.

My very first take home assignment. Love the baby tomatoes!
If only this is my breakfast everyday.
A good companion for those on weight-loss diet.


  1. Jadi mau dikirimin parcel nih? *cuma nanya* *jgn ge er*

  2. @FOOLOSOPHY: Mau. *cuma jawab* *tapi kirim yaaa* *melass* =p


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