Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ah Poong (Pasar Apung) Sentul : Curated Good Food

Curated (v.) : select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
Ah Poong, a wordplay of apung (or floating in English) is an example of extensive collaborative work. This time between Pak Bondan and the gang behind Eat & Eat. Applying the similar concept but moving the whole food court into a private secluded area in Sentul. Twist it with a few fun stuff for the kids to play with and voila, you got yourself a new go-to family spot.

Speaking of la familia, I went there with my crowd of Sydneysiders who happen to be back in Jakarta for a few weeks, and man do they have the appetite. An enormous craving for Indonesian food I must say. Here's what I love culinaring (yeah I just made out that word) with them : the communal spirit. It's never about one personal satisfaction but rather the enjoyment of trying as many food as possible as a group. You can see where this is going, can't you? Yes, we had on our table more than 20 different dishes and drinks to share with. Bazinga! That's the way to dine.

What you're about to see is a series of photos. What he ate, what she drinks, what I see, and what we experienced. I couldn't recall most of the prices, we don't keep count at the tab anyway. You could make an approximation yourself if you've dined at Eat & Eat before.

Interesting sight to see here are: (1) That some of the stalls are not available in Jakarta or other Eat & Eat branches, (2) with the space this big (2.670 m2), there are a lot more options to choose from, (3) when Pak Bondan curated the stuffs you can safely confide to his maknyus tongue.

I suggest coming here with a group of friends or with your family. Its quite a long drive to Sentul, you might as well chill around here for a while, or head to Bogor after for more culinary delights just like we did.

I really enjoyed being the culinary tour lead that day. Thank you for the company, Sydneysiders. Until the stars are aligned again. =D

Without further adue, let me welcome you, Ah Poong, Pasar Apung Sentul (just inside Sentul City).


Fellexandro Ruby
Food /Travel Photographer & Storyteller


Mie Kepiting Kalimantan (Close to the original).

Martabak Kupang (One of my favorite on the trip).

Teh Tarik

This Batagor is so friggin' good.

Kiamboy w/ Soda (On a hot day, this is superb thirst quencher)

Cing Cau with Ginger (Ehm, a bit too serious for a hot day)

One of the many Soto Stalls.

See the happy faces?

One of the rides. What makes it 'apung' I suppose.

Word on the street. The best Nasgor Pete in Bogor.

Ah Poong (Pasar Apung)
Inside Sentul City
(Exit Tol Sentul Selatan)


  1. Astaga. The Cincau with ginger is not the right thing to see in this gloomy foodless night! NEED. CINCAU. NOW.

    Cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

    SUPERNICE -- win Blackberry Davis in my #giveaway!

    1. HAHA. 12:33 AM is the national hunger hour. I wouldn't recommend coming back here at that hour.

      Cheers putri. ;)

  2. Lagi happening yah ini resto.. Ada pasar buahnya juga kan ya?
    Oh I'm soo into NasGor Pete!

  3. thank you for the review.. its really like worth place to try, i plan go there this wiken, yay!

  4. Tapi sayang harganya mahal ya menurutku sih di Ah Poong Sentul, compared dengan Lembang Floating Market, jauh lebih murah makanannya. Dan tempatnya pun lebih bagus.


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