Monday, April 8, 2013

Thunder Tea Rice : What Keeps Singaporean Youthful, Maybe.

I could never know its existence, let alone tasting it, if not for two beautiful coincidence. Well I don't really believe in coincidence, let's just say the universe was conspiring to let me taste it.

One, I consider myself lucky to have a Googler (who happens to be quite a foodie herself) as my food safari compadre. Two, we supposed to have one of her favorite breakfast but the stall was closed. The next thing I know, we are already at the front of this comic-sounded-stall. Seriously, Thunder Tea could easily be a superhero's name. Obviously, his super power would be his healing ability with herbs and teas. Well, lets not let imagination carry us away. 

This Hakka specialty dish though have a super power of its own. Created during the Qin dynasty, it is said to have helped Chinese soldier fight the plague at the time and eventually energize them to win the war. Their sign board and pamphlet claim that the dish can help to lower cholesterol, remove body toxic, strengthen immune system, ease digestion, combat flu, and most importantly maintain youth and beauty.

Ain't that awesome? 

It's no miracle work though. If you look at the ingredients, you'll figure it out fast that Thunder Tea Rice is one healthy dish. Made from 7 types of veggies (Chye Sim, Romaine Lettuce, Manicai, Kailan, Thai Basil, Mint Leaves, French / Long Beans) it is only natural that it contain high amount of fiber and low dose of calories or fat. Mix it with the brown rice, then your healthy does is doubled. 

But how about the taste? 

Awkwardly uncommon. 

I suppose it is one of those food that you either love it or hate it. I'm sorry to say, it would take a heavy amount of adaptation to get used to this, especially if you eat it they way the locals do. Yes, the green soup is meant to be poured over right into the bowl of rice. The problem is, the taste is still manageable (although rather bland) until you pour the green potion. It has a very herbal grassy flavor and a hint of green tea. Have you ever had a wheatgrass juice at Boost? That. 

However, being a true Indonesian, our eyes easily shine bright like a diamond upon seeing the red liquid thingy. Chili sauce for the rescue! I have to admit, the hero that morning was the chili. Without it, I wouldn't even eat half of it. At the end, I left about a quarter of the dish unfinished. I gave up. 

Did I regret the SGD 3.50 I spent? 

Not at all. For me the joy is not in the taste, but in venturing out and trying new stuff. Plus, I think I've grown a tad more good looking and youthful the morning after. =p Plus, like I've said many moons before "who you eat with is just as important as what you eat."

More discoveries coming! Stay tune to find out where Miss Googler took me to next. ;)

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Thunder Tea Rice 
Lau Pa Sat Stall No. 12 
18 Raffles Quay 
(Drop off at Raffles Place MRT)

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  1. a bit weird looked at my Singaporean friend eat this rice tea year ago. i thought she just put a hot tea inside bowl of rice hahahah. but once you've tried one you'll eat this for breakfast,lunch and dinner ;)


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