Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toast Box Singapore : Quickie a-la Modern Kopitiam

It is almost impossible to not noticing this particular food franchise. Its one of the first things I see when I reached Singapore's uber-convenient airport, its also one of the last things I see there when I was about to leave, and its simply present in every malls I went into.

Later on I found out, that Toast Box is another brand from Bread Talk group along with Food Republic, Din Tai Fung, Ramen Play, and many others. I suppose it is only natural to get a bit inquisitive after knowing this, plus the fact that the joint is usually crowded with people. 

I decided to start my day here one morning. Eggs, kaya bread, and coffee. The usual breakfast-of-a-champion trio. 

I must say all three served me well. 

The kaya bread with that slice of thick butter sandwiched in between is the best out of the pack. It reminds me of Bangi Kopitiam here in Jakarta and their signature Malacca Portuguese Toast. This one however, carry a less intense sweetness, and minus the toasted-crunch feel of its contender. The coffee was equally good, enough caffeine to kickstart my sleepy eyes, and enough milk to satisfy my sweet tongue. 

Ambience wise, I'd still go for local hawker style kopitiam. Toast Box and its modern design has stripped that quaint feel off. But I suppose people come here for speed and convenience. I spent almost half an hour here, and some of the people who were queueing behind me has left earlier. Its a good problem for Toast Box, eh? 

I guess its just perfect for a morning quickie. (whatever that means to you) ;) 

PS: My next Sin-cia-po post would be on Miele's #12 Top Asia Restaurant. Dare to make a guess? Stay tuned. 

Find Toast Box at: 

Changi Airport Terminal 2. 
Vivo City
Wisma Atria
Raffles City
Centre Point Orchard
313 Somerset
Bugis Junction 


  1. aah aku kira sudah ada liputan ke Padang kemaren..ditunggu loohh...

    1. Antrian panjangggg kakaaaa. Selesaiin yang sin-cia-po dulu. Hehe.


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