Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm scared knowing that you are always in my mind
I thought I was unbreakable
But I was wrong, you had with you a piece of me

Everytime I shiver, hearing that resounding whisper
'I just wanted to start a new life' you said
I envy your frankness, or is it cowardice?

I'm afraid sensing yesterday at no distance
And the me that believed in love subsisted
Hoping, forward bending, neverending

Everytime I tears at the glimpse of our smile
Dear, would you believe?
No single day passed without a simple wish.

Take a good care, that little piece of me.

I'm just. I don't know. Its too much to bear. It's still to much to bear. I hope I woke up tomorrow in the other side of the bed or other side of the room with no memories. I guess I can't. Eternal Sunshine was right. You can forget, but how could you erase them?
For the time being, I just want to sleep and hope that I don't dream  that foolish dream again.

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