Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Spicycrazy At Kamikaze Chicken

Hi fellow Biters and Wanderers. How's your weekend? I hope you had a terrific one just as I did. My formula of a blissful weekend is simple : good friends + good food. And this time I got to taste the newly opened Kamikaze Chicken. Tried it out the first time out of curiosity, this is the story of my second comeback. And you know what that means. Mmhmm. It is that good, let's start.

This beautiful cup of cold ocha (pictured above) welcomed me in less than a minute (plus point for the service). I took a quick sip of it, letting the aroma sink deep into my palate. It was one interesting ocha, tasted different than any other, a bit more powdery than leafy. In a way it reminded me of chef Rinrin Marinka's green tea cake at Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010. It was one good cup and the best thing is of course the free refill. A short while after the set menu arrived in a well presented wooden tray. It wasn't photo friendly though, so I'm leaving it as a surprise for you when you get there. =) Here's what on my tray:

Kimchi Chanan (Kimchi Fried Rice). Its sticky form, minor kimchi flavor, and ungenerous portion of kimchi topping slightly impaired my mood as I was truly expectant for this new dish. Good thing I also ordered the Kani Corn Salad and Sishito as the side dishes. Sweet, creamy, savory sauce mixed with fresh fresh veggies always delight my tastebud. At this moment, I've bounced back to my gleeful mood only to be dissed again on the Sishito. Maybe it was my Javanese-inclined tongue that has always been poor in accepting soft mushy textured dishes.


I saved the best for the last. =D The signature dish of this food place, Tebasaki (Chicken Wing) with Kamikaze Sauce. Rated the hottest sauce in their menu, this is exactly what I expect to pamper my taste buds and my belly with. Simply looking at the mouth watering reddish coating has jump my appetite to a level I can't contain. I finished all five in less than five minutes (oops =p). That's how good it was for me.

I liked how they managed to keep the inner deep fried chicken crunchy after all the thick spicy coating, and not to mention the extra pepperish-tabasco-like sauce. Word on the street says it is made of Naga Jolokai (ghost chili) grown in India. This Guinness World Record winner chili claimed to taste 400 times hotter than Tabasco. It wasn't that hot for me, but still I remember sweating my face out while savoring every tiny bit of this Tebasaki. Only one thing I wasn't in favor with, after biting off the crunchy layer, the meat was baretaste. Almost like the seasoning was skin deep only. The rest was one good dish. Paid 48k for one fulfilling set menu. I'd surely coming back for more hotness I couldn't find anywhere else.

Cheers to all who love spicy hot food,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Enthusiast & Photographer


Kamikaze Chicken
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Fashion District Level 3A
Ph: 021-2358 1878


  1. I tried this yesterday and it didn't satisfied me enough.

    The ocha was pretty lame. It's just like a 'mineral water' with green colour.

    The Kimchi Fried rice, absolutely a big no no dish. It's not sticky rice yet it taste like it. And I can barely taste the kimchi.

    The tebasaki quite ok for finger foods. Thumbs up for the crunchyness of the skin and the flavour of the kamikaze sauce, but the chicken it self was bad. The meat was tasteless and I found there were lots more of skin and bone than the meat.

    It didn't fit me well. ;)

  2. @Mel: I asked for it the other day, turned out the ocha was powder based. But I still like it though. =p

    For the kimchi and tebasaki, we're on the same page, i just managed to stress more the plus than the minus side. =p hihihi.

    Kapan nih food safari bareng? =D

  3. Wow, thanks for your honest review! However, we're sorry that we fell short on a couple of things as we want our customers to have nothing less than a perfect experience. We do season our chickens before frying, so if you say it was tasteless than we have to make sure that the kitchen staff is following procedures. Anyways, thanks for your valuable feedback as it gives us a chance to improve. P.S. if you like it spicier, let us know and we'll whip up a batch of our Harakiri sauce ;)

  4. @Kamikaze: Thanks for the honest respond. No worries, the way I see it, when Kamikaze gets tastier, we are the ones enjoying it. =) Oh, and better get that Harakiri sauce ready, I'm coming at ya, I'm just not letting you know when. =p

  5. Your photos are beautiful.You had me drooling over those Tebasaki.I'm glad I discovered your blog.

  6. @Alisa: Thank you, i'm humbled and honored, knowing it comes from foodista =) Nice to know you.

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  8. @Ruby: you're good at exposing it positive way. good job! Me? I think I'm more like 'Gordon Ramsay' way.. haha.. :p
    I'll be attending some cooking class next week, wanna join? :p
    Have you try Jack Rabbit? Oh there's also one new spot around Gandaria, will let you know ASAP.

    @Kamikaze Karaage: Wow! Suprised me that you read this review.. (Another review that I made on my blog :p) I would be very happy to grab another dish from you just make sure it's serve well. :D
    I know you can do better than this!

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  10. @addyourblog: =) such a joy to be appreciated on my work. i'm truly thankful

    @steve: again, thanks for putting me along with fellow great foodbloggers. have a look at my comment on ur blog. SAMPAI JUMPA (that's see you soon in Indonesias) =D

  11. Numpang ngiler ya! (liat fotonya)

    I tried the karaage on my first visit. It was yummm!! I was satisfied overally, with the food, presentation, and the service. Staff were friendly and they quickly responded when I found out they took the wrong order. I went to the one in GI. I'll definitely come back, but this time maybe to the one in BSD as it's closer to my home :)

    1. Silahkeunn. Ember bisa disewa per jamnya 10.000 =p hehehe. Anw, Agree, a good service adds a lot to a good meal. Hey KAMIKAZE you got one dedicated fans here!

  12. Have you tried OMO! Chicken? How would you compare that to Kamikaze? :p

    1. I did, the spicing for OMO is a nod different, more asian, and probably because of the canola oil they use, the flavor is rather bland compared to kamikaze, but definitely a healthier choice. =)

  13. taste wise, Kamikaze is good. But I feel that their chicken starting to harden and chewy after it's get cold, It's like eating a stone. Well, their sauce make my stomach aching for two days, and I consider myself as a spicy eater.. It's either they sauce is really hot, or I have to reconsider myself. :p

    Always love to see the picture!


    1. Well, i think its likewise with any food. You should eat them while its hot. Why would you wait for it to get cold anyway? Haha.

      The sauce is a killer! Both in a good way and in a dangerous way. I'm a spicy fan. Was the runner up on their hottest chili contest. Two days after, even my poop is spicy. So i feel you man. hahahahaha.

  14. In comparison to other chicken restaurants like Bon Chon and Chicken Phong, I think Kamikaze Karaage is the winner! I love the fragrance of the ocha, and the Tebasakis are awesome! The Chiizu Koroke (cheese croquette) as well. I also love the idea of Katanas. They're like Tebasakis but on skewers, so I could eat on the go.

    One thing that can be improved though is their service at Central Park mall. Customers were waiting literally an hour before our dishes came out. That was a few months ago, I hope they've improved. The Grand Indonesia branch, however, I really have nothing to complain about :9


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