Friday, January 28, 2011

Muffins House - Muffins To Crave For

I love it when things get specific, narrowed-down, focused, cause then you'll get specialized and eventually you become the best in what you do. I believe the same thing work for food and resto. You gotta narrow it down to one culinary subset and further to one signature dish. That's what you'll be remembered for. You must have it on your head right? Things like "oh, you should go to Cake Away for their tiramisu" or "no one can beat coconut pudding at Maystar". The same thing goes for Muffin House.

Being a muffin supporter myself (meaning: an opposition for cupcakes! =P), this is currently my go-to place for scrumptious fresh-from-the-oven muffins. Their variety of flavor range from the classics like chocolate chip and blueberry muffins to the inventives like cheese muffins and caramel muffins pictured above and below. Ain't that appetizing? And adding to their delicious warm soft-baked texture is the healthy ingredients they use. Claiming to have no artificial additives or preservatives, they also alternate their use of butter with thoughtful choices of olive oil or canola. Not to mention their fiber abundant choice of wholewheat muffins.

My current favorite is the caramel muffin and the chocolate muffin. You have got to taste that thick layer of cocoa that looks like overflowing from a cup. Guaranteed to stain your nose and cheeks. =p 

Priced reasonably in 10-15k range (plus the extra discount if you own BNI CC), I wouldn't mind to have this as my daily breakfast or afternoon snack. Dang! I'm craving for it already. Give it a taste and let me know if you crave for it the day after. 

Cupcakes are overrated. Go splendor these Muffins!

Muffins House
FX Lifestyle X'nter , FB # B
Jenderal Sudirman
Jakarta Selatan, 10270  
Ph: 021-25554268


  1. try the oatmeal apple something (forgot the name) that's SUPERB! Healthy, yummy and happy tummy! :D

    This is my favorite place to have a home-made baked muffin..

    PS: you'll get discount starting from 8.00pm.

  2. @imel: noted! oatmeal apple! will give it a try next time mel, thanks for recommending. and for the discount tips! =DDD

  3. the caramel muffin looks so good. Is there caramel inside the muffin or just glazed over the top.

  4. @Anonymous: glazed on the top, and some more creamysweet caramel hidden on the inside. =) give it a try and let me know what you think. hehe


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