Monday, June 13, 2011

Petit-Déjeuner at Kafe Moka - Seminyak

A sip of warm sunshine on the surface of your skin. Bright blue sky seen from behind your Raybans. Swirls of cool wind while strolling around Bali with motorbike. These little earthly pleasures are what I seek for from this getaway trip. And while doing that, many good food along the journey made it epicly awesome.

It was one of those smileful morning when I bumped into this cafe while riding around Legian. What attracts me was how cultured this place. A lot of foreigners were around enjoying the food and drinks. I hear an Australian which looked a lot like the famous pastor, Brian Houston. I hear French with their masculine-feminine vocabulary. I hear a faint American English. By this short observation,  I reckon they must have a particular level of authenticity to be well accepted by these foreigners taste buds.

I walked in and then it came to me, I've heard about this place before. Yes! In a review by fellow foodbloggers somewhere. And there I remember, it was on Jenzcorner, and read somewhere along the line that the shepherd's pie was one of the specialties. You can guess what I ordered right? Yep.

Oh, and while I was waiting for the meal to come, they gave me this basketful of complimentary sliced baguette. I love this bread. It always remind me of Paris and the dining tradition there. Bread is always on the table. But let's not go too far this time. I took a slice, wipe a layer of salted butter, simple yet scrumptious to the tongue.

A little while after, a generous portion of Hachis Parmentie arrived on the table. A little trivia, the dish was named after Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a French pharmacist, nutritionist, and inventor who, in the late 18th century, was instrumental in the promotion of the potato as an edible crop.

The portion was way beyond generous for my typical size of breakfast. Ended up with some leftover, but it was one savory meal.

The mixture of texture from the diced beef and the baked mashed potato was a treat for my tastebud who was in dire of variety after days of local Balinese food. Also the lyonnaise sauce with a hint of wine and garlic added the foreign European taste I was expecting. A pause from the stream of chili-hot-spicy food. One contented pause. It also kinda took me down memory lane. Weird, but yep, it reminds me of Sydney's meat pies. The ones you can conveniently bought at Coles, and microwave it yourself for 4 minutes or so.

It's amazing how a single meal can give a good assemble of flavor and feelings. I guess it was just a melancholic side of me, or maybe that's what Bali do to most of us. What do you say? =) Well after all it was one lovely breakfast or petit-dejeuner as the French call it.


Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. Oh 'beyond generous' portion? I should've been there! Clean plate is all you have. mwahahaha. and this is so wrong opening your site at this time at night. *hungerpangs*

  2. Haven't been to Bali for ages... Will definitely go there and try this if I get a chance...

  3. @ANDREA: You should! This is a portion to share, then I can get something more for dessert. HAHA

    @GOODFOODGOODLIFE: Bali is ever developing. I never get tired of it. In fact I plan on going there again this year end =D

  4. rubydear, you know the usual, i always get dessert. it'll be a fair brekkie. half Hachis Parmentie, half dessert, for me and you. wait, for you and me. ;)

  5. Wondering how much does it cost? Is it suitble for budget travellers? Give a clue pls..

  6. @COCOLOLYPOP: 70K. I'd say its pretty affordable considering the size. Its big enough for two to share. Going Bali anytime soon?


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