Thursday, November 8, 2012

Detention Room PIK : Being Detained Has Never Been This Good

"There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate."

I practically lived by the quote this afternoon. I called out my college friend who hasn't been in touch for quite a while. The last time we met was in a wedding where I would be busy queueing for kambing guling while he's out there picking up chicks. That being said, we have a lot to catch up. Detention room sounds like a perfect place for two former sophomore badboys. 

Stories upon stories was brought up while sipping on Hot Milk Chocolate. One that particularly interest me was how he's a changed man now. That and also the fact that the cocoa was served at right temperature and wasn't powder based. Meaning, it's melted from pieces of chocolate bar. This resulted in a creamier texture than your instant Cadbury or the popular malaysian Kakao. 

Hot Milk Chocolate - IDR 30k

This friend of mine used to be a verbal hard-headed spoiled punk. I remember I used to be the one preaching him, now the wheel has turned. To hear his life-changing encounters in a much mature tone is good news. As good as this BYOB Burger (yes, you could build your own burger here!).  Mine was a soft bun burger with single beef patty, topped with onions, cheese, and BBQ sauce. The only thing missing for me was the lack of texture play. If only there's an option for crispy pork bacon topping, it would've been heavenly! 

Oh, did I mention the wedges on the sides? Skin on baby! I've always been a fan of potatoes. I even had an extra platter of Fries Nation. It's a mix of shoestrings, curly fries, and wedges. All in one bowl. And for IDR 24k it is definitely worth it. 

BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) - IDR 40k/50k/60k

Fries Nation - IDR 24k

As we munch on, I couldn't get my attention out of my friend's Deep Fried Chocolate Bar. I had it the other day, you could see the picture on my twitter @Wanderbites. I could still recall the sweet sticky Snickers bar half melted on the inside with extra chocolate dressings on the outside. It was sinfully scrumptious, although I believe the world is still divided into two, Team Snickers and Team Mars. I'm on the second team. That means, I'd still vote for deep-fried Mars bar in Australia's Bondi beach anytime of the day. Which side are you on? 


Are these too much for lunch? Not at all. It is worth every space in my belly and a two hour well spent. Remember what Dono-Kasino-Indro said at the end of their movies: "Makanlah sebelum makan itu dilarang."

Bye now Biters. Don't forget to let me know here or on twitter @Wanderbites if you're on Snickers team or Mars team. ;)

Fellexandro Ruby
Food & Travel Storyteller / Photographer

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Detention Room
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D/28
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
(Arah terusan waterbom, belok kiri, menuju pintu tol lagi)


  1. tambah banyak aje makanan di PIK yang harus gw coba :(

    1. Ada lagi yang baru, pas sebelahnya Detention Room, namanya The Lab. Makin lama makin kaya sekolahan nih. Haha.

    2. yaolohh.. besok2 ada The Gym, The Hall.. haha..

  2. kemaren baru coba... damn.. akhirnya ada yg enak juga makanan dan minuman cafe di daerah PIK...

    hot choconya mantap... burgernya juga mantap

    1. Cihuyy, glad you liked it. Ownernya Detention Room pasti lagi senyam senyum klo liat komen ini. Hahahaha.

  3. kemaren balik lagi ke sini....
    pesen triple burger...seperti biasa..enak
    pesen cordon blu juga enak..
    cuma satu komentar saya... saya pesen pizza ini koq tawar ya... bener2 ga ada rasa... sangat tidak berkesan buat aye n bini aye..akhirnya setelah makan 2 potong .. cuma makan toppingnya aja deh...

    moga2 si owner detention room baca en perbaikin deh...

    utk hot choconya sih.. keep the good work... bakal balik tiap weekend ;)

    1. Thanks Mr. Dunia Biru. Appreciate your honesty =D

      Gue yakin feedback ini bagus bagnet buat Detention Room. The next time I pay a visit there, I'll try to pass it on to him.


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