Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soto Ceker (Chicken Leg Soup) Kuta : Second Dinner in Bali.

When you're in Bali, it's past dinner time but your belly is sending a hunger SOS to your brain, what do you do?

No, you don't call 500-600. That thing ain't gonna satisfy your appetite. I mean, you're in one of the most exotic island with thousands of local delicacies to explore. Let me tell you what qualifies as a proper second dinner / late supper. 

Meet Soto Ceker (chicken leg soup). Situated near pasar Kuta, the area is well known for several culinary spots like Nasi Pedas Bu Andhika. Soto Ceker also happen to be one of them. Had it once last year, but I forgot the exact location. As me, Jie, Leo & Jenz scour for them, we stumbled upon two different place. A few minutes in the discussion, we decided to have them both! This is how food bloggers roll. When in doubt, eat all of them.

The first one is unbranded. It bears no signboard as I recalled. There's a glass booth with bakso ayam hand painted on them, but nothing more. The easiest way to spot it might be:
1. Look where the crowd gathers. Because this place is effin' packed with people. It might be due to the following cue.
2. Ask for the price. If its IDR 7.000, you've found it.

This one is a straight simple bowl of soto as the base flavor. Supposed to be made from boiling chicken in stock / water thus the rather cloudy soup. But somehow I doubt that the savory feel comes entirely from it. My gut feeling says a hefty amount of MSG was at play. That might explain the seemingly unquenched thirst as the side effect.

The feet were all just as feet supposed to be. Subtly slick & greasy. Easily chewable. It is probably the most overlooked part of chicken that turned out to be quite a feast. I know people who have a fetish over chicken feet. Are you?

However, I find that the second soto, Soto Ceker AA is a lot more festive compared to the one above. It added flavors not found in the first one. Let's call it Soto Ceker 2.0. (You IT geeks who read this is having twice the foodgasm now, right?)

Soto Ceker 2.0 has extra veggies, extra fried onions for toppings, and did I mention the soup? It is thicker with hints of turmeric, probably resulted off of the chicken. The chicken if you notice is yellowish, spiced similar to ayam kuning that's usually goes to be fried. It is also more easily crushed in pieces. I reckon from a longer period of slow cooking. With all that complexities, it brings a different taste to the tastebud. It is only natural then that the price is twice of the earlier. IDR 13.000 is still a lot worth it.

To sum it up, if you are looking for cheap eats, go for the earlier. If you're looking for something more pleasing go for the latter. If you want to go 'foodblogger style' eat both. =D

I'm signing out, but you could tune in on Twitter for live delicacies @Wanderbites

Hail cheap good food & second dinner!

Fellexandro Ruby
Food & travel storyteller / photographer

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