Friday, May 25, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #5 - Tattoo A Banana

Hola Biters!

I hope my Misi21 has inspired you in one way or another. After four days of shared wisdom and lesson behind story. I don't want to continually bore you with that and have decided to be wacky and loose today. Hey, even God take a rest on the seventh day.

And so, today's mission is to make some tats on bananas. Yes! Drawing on an inspiration from Phil In The Whaat on Youtube, I tried to make it my own. Wait! Before you scroll down further, watch all the coolness on the vid below:

And here's my own impression of the newfound art.

Yes, I know right?! It is so beautiful in so many levels that only several few could appreciate it. Its an epitome of niche movies, Trainspotting, Dr. Strangelove and the likes. Its either you get it or you don't. And I won't argue. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. HAHAHA. Now you can laugh after me. =D

Meanwhile, stay awesome. Go out, and have a little fun sometime. Forget the rules.

Just be happy.

I'm all smiles =D,

Fellexandro Ruby

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