Monday, May 21, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #3 - I Eat / Tweet / Post / Share Indonesians

With Misi 21, I learned to be quick-witted. Because if you don't, the chances of failing a day and losing the momentum is so easy to hit you.

That's what happen last Saturday. When a trip to the depths of Matraman to join Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution ended up in a lost cause, I had to think of alternatives. First thing in my head was to try new food. And the first food I could think of was the reputable Santouka. Weird, but as a food enthusiast its pretty sad to see that the rising dining scene in Jakarta mostly revolves around foreign cuisine. Check your Twitter timeline or Instagram, I bet you'll find more of Ramen & Rainbow Cake rather than Rawon or Empal.

It called me to shift my attention toward Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival in Kelapa Gading. Went there last year, it was a hit. So plan B is decided : to taste local Indonesian food and show that they're also worthy of praise. 

I saw a lot of improvement in the way they manage the event this year. The booths are more organized. New faces and foods. Some that caught my attention was Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng from Ungaran, Sate Kambing Batibul (Baru Tiga Bulan), Nasi Kucing Sambel Gledek, Risol Setan, Es Selendang Mayang, Soto Bangkong, Cwie Mie Malang and many more.

You'll get drooly just from reading their names. After a long indecisiveness, I finally fell for Nasi Bakar Ayam, Tongseng, Rendang Bebek William Wongso Series, Es Kelapa Muda and Es Durian. Everything was a pleasure for my tongue. I'll skip the review part for its own section in this blog.

But the message is this. Out of 20-something years that I lived, it was only in 2009 that I set foot in Surabaya. Since then I've visited Balikpapan, Palembang, Bali, and Makassar. That's 5 cities. The rate is slow, but I'm doing my part to get the word spreading. To have our best culinary products shown on the radar. I wish I have more time and cash to do travels. In the mean time, this is the best I can do. What do you do?

Show us your Indonesian pride.

Go to JFFF, fill your belly with our local delicacies, take photo / tweet / instagram / facebook them, and let me know when you do. =)


Fellexandro Ruby

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  1. Totally agree, Indonesian food lacks the buzz and enthusiasm from our own people...I've posted about Indonesian food as well, but the statistics show rather disappointing level of interest. I think nowadays, there are more non-Indonesians who can appreciate our food...

    1. Kalau sudah ke luar negeri dan merasakan kangen-sekangennya sama makanan Indonesia baru bisa ngerti biasanya. =p

    2. Preach, Rubs! *ngacung* :p

    3. Hehehe, ngalamin sendiri soalnya rene. Setaon ga bisa dapet martabak yang seenak Indo. Pas pulang Indo kalaapp, naek bbrp kilo dalam sebulan =p

  2. will try JFF soon! it's near from my home :D anyway what's sate batibul? HAHAHA langsung ketawa baca nya, unik banget!

  3. Haha, unik yah namanya. Batibul = Bawah Tiga Bulan. Daging kambing gitu katanya.


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