Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cake In A Jar by Cocoon Cupcakes

Take a look at these lovely Red Velvet and Rainbow Cake. Can you hear the sound of them calling? Yes... Yes... that soft whisper in your head saying : "Feel me. Taste me." After a few encounter on Instagram, I fell weak for its seductions and trickery a week ago and decided to order both cakes.

Priced at 35k a-piece they are for-all-occasion cake. A pleasant dessert to satisfy my after meal craving toward sweets. Had it once for breakfast. Also good for snacks, I had it once while watching Running Man.

It comes in a right size, enough to pamper, but not too much to leave you feeling guilty afterwards. Tastewise, it is slightly different from what I have in mind, or what the market currently offers. It is more like crumbles of soft airy cake. A collection of cakes debris if I might say, topped with cream cheese that is not too sweet but enough buttery-feel to keep you wanting more.

Whether it is superior to the other, is another question, cause when it comes in a jar, I'm just biased man. There's a different sensation savoring a dish from a jar, just like having coconut pudding in a real coconut fruit, or a Thai fried rice in real pineapple. However, this is worth tasting in my opinion, if you haven't got bored with red velvet and rainbow cake

For me, I simply just ... had ... enough. No more. Haha

Until next time, Wanderbiters, have a colorful weekend!

All izz well,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer


Cake in a Jar by Cocoon Cakes
T: @uglycupcake_s


  1. beuuh saingan sma the dreams cake bandung nih kayaknya, happening bgt sih cake in jar jadinya ckck...jd menang toples aja nih ya rub? kuenya so so ya?

    1. Cha, baru denger tuh dreams cake bandung. Hihi, rasa ya kurang lebih sama dengan RVC / Rainbow cake lain. Emang makan sensasinya aja. =p

  2. harga nya termasuk mahal gag sih ini ? soal nya min order nya 3 kan yah.

    1. Iya minimal order 3. For now masih reasonable sih. Kalau plus ongkos kirim lagi +30.000 Rupiah baru mulai 'berasa' di kantong. Hehe.

  3. Di saat saya sedang asik membaca post ini...fokus saya buyar pada baris ini;
    "...had it once while watching Running Man." =>

    I've got more respects for you, Sir.
    And no, I am not that kind of fangirl. No worries, ha! c:

    1. HAHAHA. Watching running man added the joy of eating these cakes =P

  4. uuuuu.... a very sharp photo and web layout indeed! W! :p

  5. Coba deh rainbow jarcakes nya Vin's cakes (@vinscakes) , top abiss dah..


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