Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #1 - Sow What You Want To Reap

"You reap what you sow." 

I'm pretty sure, along the course of our life, everyone of us has spoke that line for someone and vice versa. However, I find it used mostly in negative circumstances. Someone's got into trouble in life, and we say "Didn't you see it coming. Obviously, he reaped what he sowed." 

Did it ever occur to you to turn the sentence around, and see it from the opposite angle. You see, "You reap what you sow" puts you in a passive mode. A victim of your actions. It's as if the line is made to be voiced only at the end of whatever it is you are doing. Try this instead:

"Sow what you want to reap." 

Now that puts you in the active mode. Its a turn of event. Suddenly, you are in control. Compared to the previous one, this sentence is meant to be voiced at the beginning, at the start of your actions. And it gets you thinking "What is it that I want to sow?"

Purpose. Vision. Goals. Whatever you called it. That's the way to start. Knowing what you want is the first thing in getting what you want. Then you proceed forward with actions.

To kick-off my own Misi 21. I tried my best to think of things that are novel, but do not strand me off from my interest. As you can see from this blog, food is my thing, sharing it (with photography and writing) is another.  You get the idea. My journey will revolve around these themes. And I decided to start sowing what I want to reap. Watercrest and mini Maskotka Tomatoes will do. Why Watercrest? Its one of the most nutritious veggie. Its got more Vitamin C than oranges, more Iron than spinach, and more Calcium than milk. How cool is that? See this video for more:

That's the small picture, the bigger picture is: I want to enlarge my knowledge and understanding toward food. If big business usually owns the upstream and downstream business as well, then I got to know the food before it became a food and the process of cooking it.

I expect to use these plants in my cookings nearing the end of my Misi 21. Hopefully I've learned to cook by then, HAHA. Hopefully Youtube and Google did the right teaching on planting. Hopefully they grow successfully. And lastly, hopefully this is a good response to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

So, what is it that you want to reap? Start sowing. =D

Cheers from the one-day-farmer,

Fellexandro Ruby

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