Monday, May 21, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #4 - No Chilli Day

Most Indonesians are almost married to chili sauce. Me too.

It is a power many didn't realize. I've seen people survived each passing day by having just rice, tempe and sambal terasi. That's me at least once a month. There's comfort in it. I know exactly how my food will taste with an addition of spicyhotness. Even when the food sucks, a drop of chili will get me to chew and swallow it.

It is also a curse. I've seen my share of weird people. People who go to fancy Italian restaurants only to have his Pizza Margherita and Spaghetti Aglio Olio drizzled in chili sauce. They basically pay the chef to cook something authentic only to have it spoiled with something irrelevant to the dish. Even weirder are those who are able to travel abroad but can only complained about how the food is so different from his taste thus once again counting on sachets of chili sauce that he brought from home. And fast forward a week after, on a dinner with friends he complained how that Beef Bourguignon is not authentic. Whoa, mister, what do you know about authentic?! Have you ever tasted one? Really taste them?
Today I taught myself to step out of my comfort zone. And even further to respect food as it is.

Not easy at all. The temptations seemed to attack even harder and at more frequency. The bottle of chili that usually hidden at the back of the drawer, somehow make it appearance on the table. The lunchbox, that usually have rice, now contains noodle only. How could you eat noodle with no chili? ARRGH! Why did I do this to myself?

But a challenge is a challenge. And I'm a man who delivers =)

Now, on your next meal, give this a thought. Do I need to pour some extra chili? Do I really really really need to have that additional spicyhotness? Or I'd just fine without it? Maybe even better?

Wait. Do you even remember how it taste before you started to add things up?


Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer


PS: Now that I get that in your head. Consider this as well. In life, instead of trying to changing others by adding this and that. Why don't you be the one who adapt and change? After all the problem might just be you who seeks comfort and pleasure on the things you know well.


  1. This is truly a challenge for me. My appetite works better when the food is accompanied with chilli, but sometimes I have to give it up when trying something new that I want to taste the true flavour. I probably can't eat noodles without chili though..

  2. this also applies with your cup of coffee. Put no sugar! gw suka analoginya :) :)

  3. Hi, been here couple times and always love your post and photos. Whoa, it must be hard to eat noodles without chili. Good Luck with your #Misi21

  4. kayanya feed wanderbites error deh sama kaya OMGF soalnya lastest postnya di tmpt aku 4 bulan yg lalu.. jadi aku ga up to date sm post-nya :(

  5. Yeahhh i agree, geli bgt sama orang yg makan western food tp cocol sambel banyak trus complain kalo ga dikasi sambel -_-

    but noodle without chili? man... there's a reason why they put the chili inside the box, they are meant together dude

    1. HAHAHA. It's meant for exercise purpose only Doctor! Besoknya udah nenggak belibis dari botol lagi =p

  6. i love this post very much.. cos i am not a chili sauce person.. when i go abroad.. my traveling friends (from tour groups), they were all busy taking out their chili sachets while i was busy enjoying the food there w/out any extra addition of chili sauce.. :D. coffee w/out sugar should be good too but too strong for my stomach due to the acidity of the coffee..i normally add some brown sugar to my coffee.. btw, any recommendation for good noodle place.. (yg less air abu-nya plzzz) thanx... btw, <3 all your photos.. they were all artistically taken.. niceee =)


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